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www.justbewell.com Hypnotherapy and NLP can cure OCD We will work with you to help you to eliminate obsessive compulsive disorder OCD patterns from your thinking and behaviour. We aim to do this quickly and effectively using a variety of approaches from hypnotherapy and NLP so do contact us now. There are many ‘versions’ of OCD that we can help you recover from OCD ranges from someone repeatedly checking that the taps have been turned off, the gas is turned off, or there is ‘nothing under the bed’, to someone who repeatedly washes their hands until they are red-raw and bleeding because they are afraid of contamination, or disease. There is also an OCD category of ‘obsessive thoughts’, where a person cannot seem to get the ‘bad’ thoughts out of their mind. Then there are those who obsessively engage in some physical activity, such as picking at their face In any event, hypnosis and NLP may well provide the cure for your version of OCD. JustbeWell has clinics worldwide so do get in touch for help.

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  1. somewhere

  2. @TheBubbles6212 yea thats OCD… Seems small though. I read somewear counting down and reminding yourself your parents are just fine will stop it. Worka for me when I remember.

  3. I have done a bit of research on OCD and I believe I have it. The only thing that happens to me is that I think if I don’t do something (something as simple as listening to a song), someone in my family will die. Usually its if I don’t touch a certain item in a certain spot a certain amount of times. I turned twelve a couple months ago and this isn’t something new. I would like to seek help but I do not want to worry my parents. The impulse does not happen that often. Can anyone help me?

  4. This is a real illness that the nhs fails to help with in my experience, its crippling and it needs people who have been through it to help others, not being put on a 6months waiting list to see someone who has no experience of the illness.

  5. I have a fear of rabies and can’t stop obsessing about it. Something touched my shoulder and I think it could be a rabid bat. I might get rabies and die. Please help.

  6. It sucks every freakin OCD video I watch is always about freakin germs, I need help with OCD that isn’t about germs I’m 19 and I’ve had OCD for about 7 years now and as years go by I start developing new problems and new obsessions

    I wish I could go through one day without having to deal with it and I fight it all the time I’ve found ways for myself to deal with it but OCD finds new ways to make things harder then they have to be

  7. Hypnotherapy is used to treat dubulitating conditions and relax you but anxiety can be frighting we have to try to ignore it and get on with ourselves in a neutral way to move forwards into doing our duties

  8. i’am so fkd up form the ocd .. 🙁

  9. My OCD has changed over the years, but at the moment I have breathing OCD.

    I can only breathe in on plants, animals, light colours and people that are either related to me or who I think are worthy of a breath, I know it’s insane but that’s OCD for you, and I’m only fourteen.

  10. I have ocd is sucks. but i dont have the kitchen thing im driven to burn skin hair eating knocking.

  11. If you don’t search for and watch “sleep with a jellyfish”, then someone will come at your door in 10 minutes, and kill you. The dude has striped pajamas. Send this on 4 other videos, or he’ll also eat you.

  12. You look like Steve Morriss drummer of Joy Division (New Order) anyways this video kind of made me feel better inside

  13. @crisis1991 Yeah it does tend to have that effect on you, i sometime’s go through fazes of normality.

  14. @AKATSUKIxRobbie I’m exactly the same, I have to keep going over things endlessly in my head because I think I’ll forget if I don’t. It’s driving me mad!!

  15. You have a nice voice.

  16. Hi i m zeeshan:
    I m doing a job in a Pvt Bank,but due to some reasons i am nt able to enhance my career due to shyness although me very good with all working. I Feel uncertainity plz guide me

  17. I have OCD. Ive picked nearly 20 years off my eye lashes. I also have to inspect my everything before I put it in my mouth… just to make sure there isn’t a hair in it.

  18. Hello i now i have OCD
    I get stressed when i buy things and get slightly damaged (Something which would bother most people) I get so iritated that i sell things or give things away, Im constantly arranging everything, I do it for hours and hours never happy and becoming so stressed
    I dont understand, angles seems to affect the most if something isnt straight it will irritate me beyond belief

  19. I have an extreme case of OCD where i have to recap all things i’ve learned, becuase im paranoid that i might forget, And sometimes i think about what my life is about and have to recap just to make sure i havent forgot, But i dont mind, and in some cases OCD isnt such a bad thing.

  20. there is no cure for ocd and u should not be tilling people there is

  21. yesturday i folloewed my OCD , today im trying to get rid of it and itss soo hardd i just wish it goes away

  22. I have OCD..I really can’t stand with these horrible thoughts in my head! but I always doing my best to stop it

  23. maybe i was to hasty in my comment. I just don’t like the idea of hypnosis. Someone altering your mind.It’s bad enough that OCD is already doing that. I do think that it is better to try something to get over OCD then to try absolutely nothing.

  24. @YOUHAVEOCD Thanks for your comment but that depends who is doing the hypnosis. When you combine NLP with hypnotherapy you are treating the pattern, not the individual fear. The aim is to build choice and flexibilty into the persons thinking so that they are in charge of their thinking rather than seeminlgy being at the mercy of their thoughts.

  25. Hipnosis will only work for a particular fear. Since fears are always swtching with OCD it is not an effective strategy to overcome OCD.

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