Organized Gang Stalking and Mind Control

Organized Gang Stalking and Mind Control NLP-Neuro Linguistic Programming how it is used in Organized Gang Stalking
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07. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. Check my channel for information about the Pre-January 8th dvds of Inception.

  2. it’s got nothing to do with someone’s nationality. There are different people in every culture. You’re being as discriminatory as they are by singling Jews out. Cause stalking is a result of a lack of humanity in the world because of the wars. we need to learn to work together for a peaceful planet. I know that sounds cliche but I like cliche’s cause they work. I say, why fix it if it aint broke.

  3. Jew masonic …all that needs to be said…Satanic central..Neuroliguistic programming. Electronic Kabbala in your home. The Jew first mind crime the white masonic stooges. Then they are used on people in the community. It started after they were thrown out of Europe and they came here.

  4. they is a satanic cult at,brier hieghts close,nelson,lancashire, england, it is a culadsac gangstalking peaophile satanic cult, they names are chris anderson janet anderson kirsty anderson,ian smart, karen smart and melaine smart, they whole close is involed one way are another, they do satanic gangstalking in cult like fashion, with alot of satanic symblogy, they pimp they wifes and daughters out to criminals and peaophiles.if u live in pendle or burnley stay away from them they are dangerous

  5. I can’t belive those Stalkers organizations including Russians mafia and Italians mob doing it to innconts people just because they don’t like them or for any other reason Those neighbores in this building stalking and harassing connstently by those group of Russians Jews to Jews (Talking from real everyday expiriances)

  6. @rdfusa63 this video is informing. most of GS videos on utube r disinfo, this dude appears to b genuine. No, these r not satanists. It’s the govt. No joke. Video mentions Julianne McKinney. She is disinfo. so some of what she says is tru, some is not. She runs the Yahoo forum Multistalk, and acts rude and mean to run off real TI’s, thus keeping them from hooking up/networking. Moving to isolated areas/countries can lessen GS. Join FFCHS, post names, plates addresses of perps, like daily diary.

  7. @XQzix Sweet as an Angel is the key words. Thats why alot of us are Tageted. ANGEL… is the Key Word. First of all, they are satanist. Yes, satanist. They see something in us we dont see and we are there targets.The new world order is here. search “rex 84”, “garden plot” on you tube and this will begin to open your eyes. Many other relating vids will come up… watch them all and be ready… Its traumatic to wake up, be prepared. Also, watch “They Live” on you tube. Very educational.

  8. name glitch of SUPPOSED anthrax killer. SORRY! way past my bedtime tonight.. the man the gov’t has ID’d as killer-Bruce E Ivins-[worker at Ft. Dettrick on anthrax] main suspect until case closed-Dr. Steven J. Hatfill [also anthrax researcher and main spokesperson tor heightened security against bio-terror for years before attacks….on WIKI -2001 anthrax attacks [ bruce ivens ] at any rate-it’s hard to say who did what, but psychological warfare people HERE? driving US citizens crazy? why?

  9. over a few months, the guy [GREEN] increasingly became paranoid,believed he and his wife were being stalked,that he was being set up,that they were going to be killed. the culmination of the scenario was a public murder/suicide, except it looks like murder/murder . i believe this was their demo video as it were…europe had a spot of trouble that year, with various fringe polit. wigging out. isn’t this exactly what Allen Ivers said,being set up as anthraxkiller?that co-workers set up?psych-war

  10. when the cold war was officially over,there were a lot of people out of jobs. the CIA in a grand gesture of handing over a now useless department-the psychological warfare dep’t-formerly used to drive soviets crazy[i always thought mission impossible stuff] were handed over to the federal anti-gang task force in i think 11 major US cities. they bragged about this in the mainstream news at the time. want a date> go back to when the leader of the GREEN PARTY IN Germ. went insane. more to come

  11. You have made an excellent series of videos illustrating the techniques and tactics of our persecutors. This has been happening to me for 5-1/2 years now, and I lost a lady friend to suicide as a result of the harassment they gave her. She was legally blind, had just graduated with a master’s degree in social work, and sweet as an angel.

    One thing that keeps me going is knowing that one day these fiends will have to stand before God and give an account of the evil they have done.


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