Orlando Owen on Being a Man & Dating Women – part 3

Orlando Owen (www.magickmale.com) Orlando Owen has been researching the challenges Men Face Today, particularly with Meeting, Dating, and Keeping Women, and has been teaching their Elegant Solutions for over 25 years. Aside from being a Tantric Master and Sexual Fitness Instructor, an author, and a Seduction Coach, teaches advanced forms of Hypnosis in German and English. Orlando Owen learned Hypnosis from Steve P., (the Godfather of Seduction), with particular relevance to women and dating, overcoming limiting emotional issues, and male empowerment and re-masculation. Orlando also studied Ultra Depth Hypnosis tm. with one of Walter Sichort’s most prodigal students, for several years, and is certified as a practitioner of Ultra Depth Hypnosis tm. Walter Sichort is the man who taught José Silva, of the Silva Method. Orlando Owen has been teaching advanced forms of Tantra & Taoist traditions for over twenty years, to men, women, couples, and groups, including Yoni Healing Massage, Advanced Sensuality, and a wide variety of sexual exercises for men and women, to increase their sexual power, potential, and enjoyment. During the last two years, Orlando has also developed an extensive male empowerment program, called Magick Male, teaching a whole new level of Deep Inner Game, the “Ultra Deep Game”, using his advanced hypnotic techniques.

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