Overcome Shyness: Hypnosis To Stop Being Shy

www.justbewell.com Powerful, direct and effective techniques to help people to overcome shyness and stop being so shy. Shyness, or socia anxiety or social phobia, can totally limit people’s lives. Hypnosis and NLP treatments can help you to overcome shyness and get a life. We have clinics worldwide so get in touch today.
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06. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. he sounds like Snape from Harry Potter

  2. I hate my shyness, any little thing makes me blush even a simple hello. Nevertheless, I’m going to try my best to change. Enough is enough.

  3. @Coolphace i feel the exact same way

  4. this guy talks like hes been through hell and returned he is a good encourgager in trying to mak people feel betterr and put them on the write track the site just be well im just about to go on see what they can do with hypnosis and nlp wish me luck

  5. shyness is a natural thing we all have consciousness of being watched by others for example eating to much fatty foods and worry what others think (they dont care by the way) but why would you be shy if you had nothing to be shy about or maybe paranoier fits in aswell

  6. @clemnext such a pessimist, you can always make a situation better for yourself. It’s just whether you can be bothered or not. I used to think like you, then I decided to do something about it.

  7. Shy, outgoing, yeah whatever. Life is still pretty f#@*ed up. Advantages and disadvantages are gained at birth.

  8. i feel you.

    now that its been over a year has it gotten better?

  9. Well,I Started Being Shy about Last Year,I Was Actualy a Very Open Person,Loved making People Laugh,Im Not Shy at all around the People I Know,But It’s just Hard for me To Speak to People that I Don’t know,I Just get Nervous,Start Sweating and Stutter,Im Talking a Second Language that’s Spanish,My Main Language is English,But Today I Got My Best Friend that I Grew Up With ask Me Out,And I Want To Stay Friends,What should I Do?

  10. I’m sooooooooo shy around opposite sex,when a guy offers me a hug,it feels like it’s my duty to reject that hug, even though I know he’s just being friendly.HELP?

  11. @harriejojo this is me, even when I go to the store to buy something and i’m paying, it just makes me freak out.

  12. is it just because i am high as fuck.! or every time he finishes a sentence u can hear his lips and saliva.. >..<

  13. I hate being shy. Even little things, like reading my work in front of the class, make me go bright red and my heart thuds like mad and I tremble! It’s sooo annoying. 🙁 I would LOVE to bee confident…

  14. 0:35 Oh really? I don’t know, I’ve always been somewhat shy and my shyness wasn’t because of bullying or being picked on or anything.

    Perhaps it’s a learned behaviour but either way after living a shy-life for a very long time you grow to get used to it and it gets harder to changed.

  15. like man…i remember being younger was funner man. use to go out alot. talk to people and just hang out. now that im at my 20’s. i have no idea why i stopped going out. like wtf. people tell me i have life to the fullest..well man. i got no one to see..no where to go. just my family to talk to. im overly frustrated man. im alone too much..and this introvert life is driving me fucking nuts man. my life is hardly ever exciting anymore. just got a job…but. its not enough.

  16. @CantWeedThis

    aye dude. im on the same boat man. i get shy too easily…like i can talk and stuff. i love it. but the anxiety kicks in right away. i hardly ever go out anymore. sometimes..on special occasions. or work. but thats about it. i can talk lots and ramble on and on. if i get into a conversation. but…when it comes to new people..or ppl i know…i have no idea on what the fuck to say. lmao. know u feel though…i dont give a fuck either. lol

  17. @jigoku66 Thanks for the tip.

  18. @CrafterRuneGuide
    Just breathe in and out deeply before you do it and then concentrate on the task. You’ll be OK.

  19. I have got a English Applied Studys to do. I have to do it on a movie star and do 8 slides about him/her. Then put it onto a board and on my own talk through each slide to my class. I am apsolutely shy. I can’t even talk to my friends. I hardly talk in school i only say stuff like “uh-huh” so i don’t talk. When i talk my voice goes quiet and weird. Please Help me. I got less than 3 weeks till i do it 🙁

  20. i remember when i was in yr 10 i wasnt shy at all and after my last break up with my ex i jusy went shy right a way idk how it happen and it makeing my life sad and i want to overcome ima try this and see how it goes SHYNESS NEED TO STOP!!!!

  21. @gtsgamer hahahaha

  22. i hate being shy! Im 16 nd Ive been shy my whole life nd it suks really bad! Im even shy around my family sometimes. This summer i invited my whole class (25 ppl)to my 16th birthday party nd only 6 came 🙁 I know if i were more outgoing i would have hndreds of friends. hopefully youtube vids ,about overcoming shyness, will help me bc i rlly need it!

  23. im a shy guy my life sucks cause of it i need your help because what u saying is true but i live in florida so.. fml

  24. i was too hypnotized by his accent to actually pay attention….ironic? i think not.

  25. so your saying ……. ?

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