Pain Control Hypnosis And NLP This video talks about what can be done to control pain with hypnosis and NLP. Hypnosis for pain control is one of the best methods of relieving chronic pain. Before you book an appointment with us make sure you have seen your doctor about any pain you have been experiencing, obviously. Pain exists for a reason, it is a warning that something is wrong. The pain from a pulled muscle helps you to prevent further damage, the pain from a burn on your hand makes you take your hand away from the oven, and so forth. Sometimes, though, the human neurology seems to get stuck and pain is still experienced even when there seems no physiological reason for it. An experienced hypnotherapist, especially one well versed with NLP can often make a big difference in helping control pain and even giving total pain relief. So get in touch with one of the JustBeWell team. We have clinics worldwide and a number of highly skilled professionals who may well be able to help you not only control pain, but eliminate it entirely.
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17. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. Hello! I think your video is wonderful. Thank you for sharing this information. And, thanks for your honesty. You didn’t say you’d wave a magic wand. Your advice is sound.


  2. I checked the recordings on the web site for pain and it says that “to safeguard against misuse, the pain relief is only made effective for 24 hrs.”. It says that you can renew it and listen every few hours. One wants to get to the point where they do not have to do that though and I do not want to program my subconscious to feel like it has to renew this particular message every 24-hrs.

  3. I’m interested because I think this might work. Positive thinking doesn’t work and you can’t will yourself to be pain-free. What products do you suggest? I’m not living in the UK.

  4. I am searching for help for my son who is in chronic pain and has been for years. If hypnotheraphy works, then I will be shouting it from the rooftops and will also demand that the chronic pain clinic do this as a matter of course and not leave it to parents to search the ends of the earth. I have looked at one of the JustBeWell therapists in my area.

  5. Thanks for your comment 🙂

  6. This is lovely. 🙂 I know that essentially it’s an advert for your services, but I found it whilst miserably trawling youtube for help with toothache (ow) and even just the *idea* that pain can be mentally controlled, coupled with trying the ‘comfort’ visualisation did help a bit! If I lived in the UK I think I’d definitely visit for help with other, more long-term things. 🙂

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