(Part 2) NLP – Create a Shield of Excellence, Diane Ross

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a shield around you that would keep the negative out and let only the positive in? This class, recorded May 6, 2008, at the Center for Self Awareness, Fern Park, FL, was given by Diane L. Ross. She teaches that in a meditative state, you can design a “Shield of Excellence” around you, that only lets the positive in. Using NLP (neurolinguistic programming) techniques, you can develop “anchors” to this shield, which also includes being able to access your best qualities. Other Cutting Edge Consciousness classes that Diane Ross is teaching include “Reframing a Negative Event”, “End Cravings”, and more. Visit www.dianeross.com for class schedules. Also personal sessions available with Diane.
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  1. To go to next class titled “Reframing a Negative Event”, click on thumbnail in Video Responses above.

  2. You are right! The starving people in the world need FOOD. Now these people listening to this teaching are not starving for FOOD. Don’t you agree? They ARE starving for a FOOD for the soul, you could say. What she is saying about “saying NO to poverty” is that if we are always thinking about our poverty, then we brood over our poverty, instead of seeing the wealth we already have. Try it for yourself, see if it works. It seems to have for many billionaires.

  3. Nobody says it is easy. And wherever you are, whether you look fabulous, or fat and ugly, you still have to deal with your own mind, others, etc. So the key is watching the way you construct your verbal thoughts. It can transform your life. Don’t you agree that attitude has something to do with what happens to you?

  4. we’re supposed to pretend her looks don’t matter.

    Let her gain 50 pounds and see ohw far her positive-thinking b/s gets her.

    Do the starving people in the world need FOOD or a positive attitude?

    Get real.

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