PART I: NLP, Anger, And The Art of Conversational Change

In this two-part presentation, Dr. Robert Mantell demonstrates how easy it can be to help someone alter even years of habitually unresourceful behavior. Using nothing more than the most basic tools of NLP – in this case, simple verbal anchoring – Dr. Mantell helps this subject create brand new, far more empowering associations to age-old environmental triggers that used to cause him to react in disturbing and disproportionate ways.
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27. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. If you would have more infos about NLP, you would have known that it is a mix of sciences, being a pseudo-science, itself. This is just a NLP intervention, not a whole therapy session.:)

    I believe things should be taken in the context, not grosso modo

  2. Bob’s testimonial is proof that this kind of therapy works and can last:-) Even months later, he has shared that he is very happy with the change, and feels good about himself. That was not directly addressed in the session, but when he let go of the problem behavior, the psychological energy that held it together was also released. We have a wonderful brain that learns very quickly and therefore “adjusts” how we make conclusions in our mind to fit in and support our new change of behavior.

  3. Sounds like he is trying to use cognitive restructuring – badly. I think this would not have a long lasting effect because there are underlying psychological reasons why he is angry. He would benefit from a professional therapist that uses scientifically proven therapies.

  4. Awesome! Have any more?

  5. Thank you for sharing.


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