Pattern Interrupt Hypnosis

A classic pattern interrupt (incomplete handshake) is used here as the foundation of a rapid induction. For those learning hypnosis, note the following techniques: pattern interrupt, eye fixation, compounding, overload, and shock.
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22. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. Guy is HUGE,

  2. dude i get hypnotised through youtube
    i tried reading the comments and everything got really slow..


  3. @BellaaMarlene Self-hypnosis can be used to reinforce good behavior and break through negative patterns to a degree. However, if you want to make enduring, substantial changes then you should work face-to-face with a skilled hypnotist. // In order to make appropriate changes in one’s life, it often is necessary to have an objective viewpoint that can help you see the negative behaviors that you either might not see in yourself or have justified in correctly as appropriate or healthy behavior.

  4. GUYS HOW DO YOU DO THIS ON YOURSELF? i dont want another person intervening but this sounds much better than the boring slow self-relaxation where affirmations are ineffective. i want to do this technique on myself, i feel helpless to change!

  5. @tski007 Thank you!

  6. @maxinpains yes his website check it out . kc is amazin i love his skillz

  7. @maxinpains Yes! If you want to learn hypnosis, you can get a great hypnosis DVD here: KC2XL(dot)com

  8. @KC2XL …If you take time to find a good resource of information (such as a live class, a home-study DVD set or book), then you will save yourself lots of time; and if you practice consistently, then you can develop impressive hypnosis skills within 3-6 months, and can become quite good within a year. It took me approximately that same time frame, but I continued to study and grow (and still do to this day).

  9. @ModernWin When I started learning hypnosis back in 1990 when there were no internet videos and few resources available to help people learn hypnosis. Times have changed. Now there are many resources available. However, several of the new resources are created by people who have barely learned hypnosis and are attempting to teach what they know, motivated by the idea that by teaching, one learns. That’s fantastic for the teacher, but not always so good for the student. (CONTINUED BELOW)

  10. @KC2XL How long would it take to reach your standard and ability if I began to learn the basics from now?

    How long did it take you?

  11. wow! Amazing!

  12. does anyone know good dvd to learn this? thanks

  13. He was out before you even got a chance to say sleep, lol 😛

  14. I admire what you do !

  15. Hello Mr KC Johnson..

    This is Ayeshah from Kuwait, I would love to cooperate with you and host you for a training course in my country..

    Would you please provide me with your contact info so that We can further discuss the possibility of such cooperation?

    Thank you…

  16. The hypnotist is me, KC Johnson. The volunteer is a one of my clients who is a bodybuilder. Here, he is seen in the off season, when he is just at the beginning of his bulking routine.

    You can learn more about me and the various types of clients I work with by visiting my website at ParadoxHypnosis(dot)com.

  17. If you take time to understand the basics of hypnosis, you will be able to use advanced techniques (instant and rapid inductions) quite quickly.

    As a beginner, I recommend starting with a classic induction such as Progressive Relaxation or The Elman Inudction.

    I will be releasing a DVD soon on how to do instant and rapid inductions. Subscribe here or join my (free) Hypnosis Newsletter so you can be notified when it will be released. Go to KC2XL(dot)com and enter your email address there.

  18. can you just do this if you are a beginner? or do you need to practise thousand of times before it will work? I mean , I love hypnosis.. from the stuff I see on the internet , I just wonder if you can do this on your mother or father of friend for the first time and that will work instantly

  19. who’s this amazing dude in the video ???

  20. I like how you take charge of the fall as its happening.

  21. I started studying when I was around 20 years old.

  22. I want to learn hypnosis!!

    what age did you learn it?

    I am 17 year old!!!!

  23. Congratulations on starting your journey of learning hypnosis. I think you will have a wonderful time as you sharpen your skills. // If you visit my website at ParadoxHypnosis(dot)com, you can find books for learning hypnosis listed under the “Products” section. // Also, join my Hypnosis newsletter by entering your email address at KC2XL(dot)com. // The newsletter will announce when I will be releasing my new hypnosis training video.

  24. You are a brave man to catch a man of that size, though you’re no twig yourself.

    I’ve been studying your videos for a few days now. I wish to learn how to do some basic hypno work through pure fascination of my own. I love the mind and how it works. I was wondering if you could let me know how to begin and work my way up to instant Pattern interrupt hypnosis. Any help would be appreciated 🙂

  25. You make it look so damn easy.

    Thanks for sharing another inspirational vid.

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