Paul McKenna – I CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE – Programme 1

Paul McKenna can change your life – Programme 1
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14. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. I’d really like to say this: find some things about you, that you know are right, and good, and then remind yourself about these things on a daily basis. These basic human qualities are the groundwork for a good, confident person. Hope this helps, it led me on the right path a while back, and I use Paul’s book quite a bit currently. Also search for hypnotica 🙂

  2. Paul Mckenna has a sexy voice! I don’t think people can get over someone that easily. At least doesnt work on me.

  3. thank paul excellent stuff.x

  4. Paul is great but I feel like the third girl (obsessed lover) is lying and giving into the media pressure.

  5. Hi I believe it would be amazing to work with Paul McKenna one on one, just wanted to know if you have and some questions
    Have you worked with Paul McKenna one on one either for a TV show on stage or through an event?
    What changes happened?
    Did the changes last?

  6. ive read his books since i was 19, the hypnotic world, an all the others an personaly none of em have changed my life for the better,maybe i cudnt reprogram lol

  7. that doctor is really hot

  8. She left the tourniquet on…enjoy the bruise Paul!

  9. its a Moby song called “In My Heart”

  10. paul mckenna is sexy.

  11. i wasn’t into Paul until i watched him as a guess on the wright stuff this morning. He was brilliant, am now going to buy some of his books especially his new on on sleep.

    And as for people hating on him, we live in a society where he isn’t going to be everyones cup of tea, but at least he doesn’t take it to heart and that’s why he is successful, the negatives views he gets, he turns them into positive views

  12. 15:42 D: that was hard to watch… seems he’s not a fan of needles either lol

  13. OMG! Does anyone know how The at 2:00 is called?!

    I’m searching this song for about 2 Month now! 🙁

  14. It’s Jakety Sax (famous from the Benny Hill Show)

  15. Paul McKennas the man. He shows how all mental conditions are curable

  16. someone please help me…what is the full name of the song at 10:21 !

    can someone please reply to this comment, i’ve been trying for ages to find out what the name of it is!

  17. omg matt is really hot! i’m watching this caz of him XD

  18. I cant believe thee amount of people that are negative towards paul, i’m 100% support him!

  19. great guy, but i find it funny the way he makes noices in his throat whensomeone stalking

  20. wow i really lik mckenna hes brill i also lik watching people under hipnosis

  21. it might not work for some people in the same way that not everyone can be hypnotized. for the majority though, it seems to work. maybe your mind is too stressed or you’re not receptive enough to it. you have to want to change, you know?

  22. What’s the name of the song at 6:59?

  23. In Pauls book “Instant Confidence”, do i need to do ALL the exercises every single day?
    Or just concentrate on the “5 minute daily workout” and use the cd each day?


  24. Be sure to keep an eye out for “I Can Make You Sleep”, out on 1 January 2009.

  25. I love Paul McKenna and other hypnotherapy artists out there.

    for TWENTY YEARS I have been unable to sleep a full night if I could even fall asleep!

    I have had such peaceful happy sleep since starting therapy.

    I’m already thin and don’t smoke so that wasn’t a problem. But it did make me more confident, reliable and self-assured. As well as well rested!

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