Paul McKenna – I CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE – Programme 2

Paul McKenna can change your life – Programme 2

14. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. Does any body have the hypnotic programming tape of Paul Mckenna

  2. It all begins with an attitude, hey.

  3. First you’ll have to go out and find him

  4. Paul, thanks for posting these videos online, they are such a great inspiration to watch! There is nothing that makes me more happy than to see people overcome hurdles and problems in their life. In fact, I am so inspired that I have decided to go and see Richard Bandler “Introduction to NLP” in London later this year. Who knows, as this journey unfolds I might end up being a colleague of yours! 😉

  5. I disagree. I have put people into trance and actually have worked very well with people who thought “This CAN’T work on me” Resistance can be a LITTLE tricky but after you understand it its completely easy to bypass

  6. actually any1 can b hypnotised if they let themselves b, if u sit there + go ‘this wont work on me!’ then it cant basically

  7. if this became popular in the USA psychiarty would go out of business!

  8. In Pauls book “Instant Confidence”, do i need to do ALL the exercises every single day?
    Or just concentrate on the “5 minute daily workout” and use the cd each day?


  9. Paul, I need your help right now. You may be the final tipping point in my life, the tipping point I need.

    That is why I ordered your book, “Instant Confidence”.

  10. his techniques r good though, other therapists wud take months or years 2 cure some of the things he did in under an hour and giv u loads of drugs, he does it without

  11. Paul Mckenna help me get over my social phobia

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  15. read about NLP its a power thing
    Im just shocked about NLP

  16. Thanks for that, I just want to be able to live my life to the full and so I have decided to move abroad in April/May next year to have a new life. I have managed to calm down my depression now but have lost a lot of motivation and confidence <

  17. you should all see the top gear episode where he hipnotizes richard hamond

  18. i really like paul mckenna…
    but i would like to know if it is possible to hypnotise someone who cant get hypnotised lol…. i have tried to be hypnotised 5 times for several fears i have…. i have never been hypnotised, let alone cured. =(


  20. wow, this really is proof of hypnotherapy and NLP working. It’s not bullshit afterall.

  21. Ihave watched Paul Mckenna since he began his Hypnosis career when I was only about9 years old on BBC1,I do really respect him and his work,when I saw him on Sky one I thought it was a shame that BBC1 would not accept him on again but also I felt grateful that he wanted to be on TV again and not alone.I say and wish him the very best of luck in the US.I could do with his help as I was mentally and physically abused by my father and now he stalks me since I left home at 14,I am just depressedNow.

  22. This episode had to be the most inspirational one for me as Paul Mckenna practically made a blind man see. There is more to life then just doctors scientists etc. to cure diseases, ill health etc. but of course in the UK especially we are still in the dark ages so all other natural healing techniques have gone underground because of this we have lost the most inspirational person (Paul Mckenna)I personally think to the US.I believe that Hypnosis can cure many mental problems that the above cant.

  23. Holy CRAP, Paul McKenna is a genious!

    If I ever saw that guy I would bow down to his feet!

  24. Wow!!! Very very moving! I almost cried, really. I have to have this book. I really think I am phat and need to change it!

  25. thanks for posting programme in its entirety. Very moving and inspiring.

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