Paul McKenna – I CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE – Programme 3

Paul McKenna can change your life – Programme 3

24. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. This is very good stuff. BUT I would be very interested to know if Paul has followed up former clients years down the line? How successful are his methods in the very long term?

  2. i know how u feel. my ex was like that. Prob still is who knows. Although mine got aggressive with me when i wanted to walk out. Now im happier im not with him but I hope paul can solve his problem!

  3. Great work Paul! Now, I want to push my hypnotherapy ever further.

  4. yep he is because his golden rules has helped me change my life completely around also when i was lazy to do my work his techniques motivated me to do it and i finished it so early saving me time! xxxxx i feel so much happy in my life the mirror excercise and the rest of the golden rule really helped! xxxxx

  5. Paul Mckenna is amazing!!

  6. what about pratitioners?

  7. yeh and me 🙂

  8. I sound crazy but i cant live without Paul He’s helped me through alot of bad shit


  10. Paul mckenna is the best, more psychologists should learn his techniques and the world would be a better place, as he is already improving the world himself.

  11. Paul is unstoppable!

  12. You the man, Paul! Change the world!

  13. McKenna didn’t give a blind man sight; he helped a man regain a small part of his lost vision.

    McKenna is one of many who can do this; it’s a shame the medical world didn’t send the man to a psychologist/hypnotherapist sooner.

  14. Paul Mckenna gave sight to a blind man.

  15. Paul Mckenna is the best man alive!! 😀 he’s so positive and happy and he’s helping the world to become a better place!!!

  16. Well done Paul!!!

  17. pauls the best!!! 😀

  18. He’s so cool.

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