Paul McKenna – I CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE – Programme 4

Paul McKenna can change your life – Programme 4

19. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. I listened to the old quit smoking tape, 2nd part last night the hypnosis one and no joke, I woke up this morning not wanting a cig, it was a really weird feeling to wake up and not even want to smoke a cig, it does really work if you can be half asleep when the tape is on, I have smoked approx 10% of the tobacco today I would normally smoke and instead of it being hard its not… its not easy no, but its NOT hard though, not like it is when you “try” to quit. This isn’t trying its just quitting

  2. wow- that “Freudian analysis is a crock of shit” bit! at least he’s forthright about where he’s coming from! lol I do love paul’s books and cds, but Freud has his place 😉

  3. check out qigong – it will teach you this and much more – most of this guys methods come from NLP search in youtube for richard bandler & NLP

  4. “That comes from Freudian analysis, which I think is a crock of shit” LOL… how real though. Paul can save people *years* in therapy!

  5. Hey paul great I keep tissues in my office for just such an situation.

  6. aikido dude

  7. the martial art is called Ikido

  8. what is the martial arts technique called he used to calm the dude please?

  9. i want him 2 change my life
    i am shy and i wanna meet new people and i cant i am fucking shy and i hate it lol
    am not shy on here lol

  10. Paul is the greatest man alive

  11. madderthanmadness – It’s ‘Mr. Big Stuff’ by Jean Knight. 🙂

  12. So revitalising and powerful 🙂

  13. I want to meet paul, but he’s gone to the US now, he’s pretty cool!

  14. whats that song when paul is playing with his two dogs, really want to know…


  15. another great one. i’m going thru them one at a time. learned alot just watching these. already conquered my main addiction in 5mins.!wish i would have come across Mr. McKenna 10yrs ago.

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