Paul McKenna – I CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE – Programme 8

Paul McKenna can change your life – Programme 8
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19. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. While it is good the exercises that he gave her, it is not true that people with OCD can just choose their compulsions or feel compulsive about anything. The things that they are compulsive about are negatively motivated, while positively motivated compulsions are not very effective for them. It is a myth that they are highly disciplined in that regard, as there is no discipline needed to perform a compulsion that you are so negatively motivated to do. Discipline is something you do out of will.

  2. Does anybody know the name of the track playing at 28.20? Cheers.

  3. The associations that paul makes are new and different that’s what NLP is about the learning, but there are several of Pauls cases that required age regression in order to get to the real cause. NLP is great fro seting up change, but sometimes the environment returns the problem because the environment doesn’t change, this is seen a lot in children when the parents are part of the problem. Age regression can reveal the reason the mind made the original association and end it before it starts.

  4. I am an ardent fan of Paul McKenna’s therapies, but I absolutely agree with you in this case.

  5. This hypnotist is amazing. Is there a multi-media software-book to teach the core of all the common techniques used in this series? Not all of us can hire Paul personally /:

  6. try it

  7. is this fake cos i hate fake lol

  8. Im not a doctor but I have studied NLP and Hypnosis and I see why paul had problems with this lady. As good as paul is he misdiagnosed this lady but milton would have cought that had he been thier to hear her speak. Her problem was not dirt or washing her hands. Her problem was as she said, “letting people in”, paul focused on the sysmptum as can happen when your heart gets involved.She has to find out what hurt her as we heard her sorting through at the end. Guys, why wont she marry the fionce.

  9. There are people who do the tapping. McKenna uses Roger Callahan’s Thought-Field Therapy. Gary Craig took TFT training and then developed a shorter version of tapping EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques. A youtube search on EFT will give you a lot to look at, some just commercials. Good ones that I found are Brad Yates with 2 tapping sessions vidoes & Paul G. Smith (Healing Magic)who has 90 videos from the classes he has done. Both Yates & Smith also use NLP. Hope this helps.

  10. This guy is pretty interesting…I wish I could see him. Are there any people like him available in the USA?

  11. God bless mckenna… paul mckenna!!

  12. Amazing film. Paul’s fantastic!
    i think some people like Sandra here are scared to actually change (self sabotage) because the feel they’ll ‘lose control’ of their life.
    Infact they don’t have much control to start with.

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