Persuasion Skills Black Book Techniques Pt Three – Accessing Feelings

Accessing feelings and using the pictures people create in their heads is the theme for this little segment. For people that have studied these skills there are some interesting distinctions here that make charisma patterns easy to do. Listen out for the questions I use with the two delegates as they are heavily ladened with presuppositions. Unfortunately the sound quality is not great but luckily there is an audio only version from the mic on the desk that is much better that people on my lists can get access to.
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19. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. @jakeallstar1 I know…it was a real problem because the content was so worth putting up. Anyway if you go to the channel page you will find lots more videos with good content and no birds.
    Sorry about this one.

  2. totally agree. id really like to hear this but its very difficult and a little painfull to be stressing the ears to hear something quiet and hear a high pitched chirp much louder than the conversation

  3. Man I wish you could have done this indoors with this important message I’m trying to hear it, but it heart my ears because that’s a pleasant place to meditate, not to conversate… that’s why 319 people viewed it and didn’t comment on it :=(

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