Phantom Limb Pain and The Mirror Box #2

Andrew T. Austin discusses the problems of contractures in treating phantom limb pain with Ramachandran’s Mirror Box. Also see
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27. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. I should add, V.S. Ramachandran’s book, “Phantoms in the Brain” outlines and explains the difference brilliantly.

  2. Hi Melinda – in some cases, that is exactly what is going on. Where the pain is more nerve related rather than “phantom” related, the mirror box is not so useful. Unfortunately, since the mirror box has become more widely known about, I am tending to see too many therapists and clinicians using it on anything and everything, without real understanding of the rationale behind what they are doing. I find this regretable.

  3. Isnt it possible that the nerves are just exposed, and not yet nurtured within the muscles, therefore causing REAL pain? Just curious! too many times, docs think pain is all in the mind. Rarely do you hear a dentist come up with the approach that root canals needed are in the mind???

  4. amazing work Andrew…
    Bye, bye,
    The English Sisters

  5. Me too, I am trying the mirror box method, also a drug called zopiclone has done a good job of arresting the pain & helps me sleep. But its not a long term answer. I have had PLP for 10 years now.


  6. I am an above knee amputee, 68 operations and would give anything to get rid of this excrutiating nightmare of phanom pain. Being an amputee is an inconvienence but the PLP is life draining and effects every aspect of my life.I have done thousands of hours of research

  7. He is not a Doctor. He is a registered hynotherapist and nurse.

  8. WOW, you are sooooooooo smart!!! This is amazing. Thanks Andy.

  9. This is simply genius.
    Congratulations on the method, it is relly inspiring.

  10. From all of us therapists who are working in isolated communities, it is a must to have access to that kind of information.
    Thanks to Dr Austin for his generosity.

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