Phobia of Cats (Ailurophobia) – Part 2

An absolute fear of cats cured by Nik & Eva Speakman.
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20. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. im scared of cats too

  2. I’d be afraid of that wild beast of an animal. LOL. Poor woman.

  3. @scubajenjen Very well said. I was thinking exactly the same thing. On the American show they use the word “confront” more as a shock treatment for entertaining purposes than to help phobic people. And watching this segment of a British program really gave me a more mature, scientific approach and they succeded on getting people to understand the causes and consequences of human fears. I totally agree with you.

  4. LMAO I was watching this, and my cat Megan came up to me and jumped in my lap and watched the video. XD

  5. A cat is fine, too.

  6. @scubajenjen Thats how we roll!

  7. I never liked cats when I was younger. Always was a dog person.

    Until I bought one. 1 year later I bought another. Best beautiful animals ever. (Male/female)

  8. I fucking hate cats but not serious like her

  9. “me self” wow.

  10. @tokyomewmew01

    Whats the point? She’s cured

  11. @scubajenjen exactly!

  12. @scubajenjen I know, how boring!

  13. Sooty looks like my cat Chloe!!!

  14. that cat sooty is gorgeous 😀

  15. I have 6 cats!


    Im gonna track her down nd haunt her!

  16. im proud of me-self!!!!

  17. they only do that at the beginning. the actual curing process is more or less the same as on this show. a gradual showing of the object and fake versions of the object, until it’s cured.

  18. you’re not alone. i’ve never tried it and i probably wont.

  19. i am terrified of scarey maze games!

  20. It looks like my uncles cat RIP. I miss her.

  21. I’d also suspect that it’s because the US shows are designed for the viewer’s entertainment and capitalise entirely on getting extreme reactions.

  22. That’s because Maury is staged BS

  23. I find it interesting how British shows that deal with people’s phobias slowly introduce the feared object to the sufferer, with their permission. But US shows like Maury go out of their way to torture the guests by being sly and sneaky and shoving the feared object in the sufferer’s face.

  24. you should all see my uncle’s cat! She attacks everything that moves, you can’t pet her, because she will scratch you BAAAD and it hurts as hell. Ohhh I wish this lady could meet my uncle’s cat it will be such a show lol

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