Poor Results? You’re Asking the Wrong Questions! Duh!

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27. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. THANK YOU !!!!!! Let me try just now

  2. THANK YOU !!!!!!

  3. Awesome Jon!

  4. Thanks, Jon! Very good idea!!)

  5. @frankn202 Hey frank, you’re right. The goal is to ask questions that assume you already have the attribute in question, i.e., why am I confident? Why do people find me confident? etc

  6. Also: you don’t only tell yourself a sentence that you may not even believe like “I am successfull” (you will think inside: well actually I’m lying, I’m not…) You trick yourself with asking questions about it – which means the point the question is about (I am successful) is already implied as a fact and no longer in question!

  7. Jon,
    Is it important to avoid any negatives in these questions i.e. why am I not already wealthy, or, why am I not attracting the kind of people I want in my life ?
    I suspect the answer is yes…..no negatives…..but thought I’d ask o be sure.
    Thanks !

  8. Interesting…I’ll try the technique.

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