Program yourself

Enjoy and share. Typography by Alyson Boote.
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23. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. great video guys so glad to view it today

  2. I watch this regularly. It’s always like having a good sleep. My mental batteries are recharged. Thanks petemoralities.

  3. LIFE!

  4. I don’t get it. What’s it supposed to do or mean?

  5. I love this video, we need more programming like this!

  6. I saw soup! lol.
    Can anyone explain how to build this kind of video and its effects?

  7. i love this video, it has a positive effect if used enough

  8. @123heek123 it can be producing unkown substances and combinations as well.

  9. Will it help manifest? Has it worked for you?

  10. how many times per day should one see it and when the effect will start i mean a month?

  11. @stuarticus yea actually the brain produces DMT not LSD

  12. I remember seeing “ninjafucking” and “LSD”, aside from that this video is quite turbo.

  13. @fulmoon72 it is to make you feel happy 🙂

  14. sorry just interested to know what is this video about, can anyone explain pls …….thanx in advance

  15. This is AWESOME….I have chilles!!!

  16. DMT

  17. This video is a complete masterpiece, I mean the music, the language, I was amazed when I saw it 😉 It’s both fun and effective! Thanks for sharing^^

  18. You’re doing it wrong. LSD is a synthetic compound

  19. I couldn’t find this for so long.. I searched and searched until I systemattically combed my gmail to find it again. Thank you, this makes me happy.

  20. @armageddondonut same here man, i saw it like 4 years ago and i completely agreed with it. but now i have actually programed myself like it said and just now remembered this video and came back to watch it ha

  21. kool XD

  22. i saw fuck and lsd

  23. @r3dhalo the message is to get some lsd as soon as possible

  24. this is my lifestyle

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