Qualityhypnosis.com Food Phobia: The Cure For Food Aversion

Hypnosisis a cure for the category of eating disorders called food phobia food aversion or restricted or restrictive eating and that cure is to be found within the fields of hypnotherapy and NLP.Sometimes we deal with people that have a food phobia about one specific thing such as cheese. The treatment that works well for this is the straightforward NLP fast phobia cure.More often though we see people for restricted eating cases where the person often an adult has only ever eating a few foods for their entire life. This is someties called fussy eating though in many cases the eating is extremely fussy These cases are also relatively straightforward to treat using NLP and hypnosis though they may take a few hours to resolve. As this is not counselling or even therapy in the strict sense of the word we are not mending a broken person the work is very direct and to the point. The mind training techniques of NLP go hand in hand with a range of techniques from the field of hypnosis to directly retrain and recondition the persons thinking so that they can begin to sample new foods.Once the person begins to get through the initial barrier of imagining gagging or choking on the new food and this does not take long the progress is usually rapid and smooth.Any member of the JustBeWell team can help you overcome your food aversion or food phobia and we have clinics all over the world so do get in touch.

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