Realities of Short NLP “Accelerated” Practitioner Programs

Realities of Short NLP “Accelerated” Practitioner Programs

Over the years, I have many well-meaning individuals coming up to me and asking why I do not conduct the SHORT 7-day NLP “accelerated” practitioner certification course like so many other training organizations that are springing up in Singapore and Asia.


Well, here are the realities of the 7-day “accelerated” practitioner course:


Myth 1: “Accelerated learning technology” is used so that you can be certified in a 7-day course!

According to Judith DeLozier (Co-Developer of NLP and one of my teachers at NLP University), “NLP is an Accelerated Learning Strategy for the detection and utilization of patterns in the world”.  These promoters of short 7-day programs are implying that NLP Trainers of the longer hours Practitioner trainings don’t utilize NLP to teach NLP!


There are many practical applications of NLP in personal development, coaching, business, leadership, and change management.  Of course, the reduction in contact time means essential components of NLP are removed; also the quality of skill acquisition is very much diminished.


Makes you wondered what you are missing, doesn’t it?


Myth 2: You can gain several certifications in a 7-day course!

A tactic used to market short trainings is to take some components of NLP, repackage them and promote them as new developments that surpass NLP.  For example, “NLP Timelining” has always been taught as part of the longer hours NLP certification program, but it’s now repackaged as a separate certification program (and taking up 1 day out of the 7 days of training).


Also, the “Milton Model” (NLP’s version of Ericksonian Hypnosis) is promoted as a separate hypnotherapy certification program – This is done using 2 days of the 7-day short program!


It’s no wonder the Singapore Medical Doctors and Psychologists were up in arms when “hypnotherapists” with only 2 days of training go about advertising their services!


Over the years, NLP Developer Robert Dilts has innovated an advanced model of NLP Timelining called the “S.C.O.R.E. Model”, but he still acknowledged that this new advancement is part of the field of NLP and did not promote it as a separate certification – Such is the hallmark of integrity.


Sadly, students of short programs do not know what they missing out.


Who really benefits from the short 7-day NLP trainings?

Running shorter programs, such NLP trainers has a lot more time to conduct more trainings in a year!


Here’s another shocker: One would of course expect the fees for such short trainings to be lower, but on the contrary, these trainers charge similar fees paid by students of the longer length comprehensive programs!


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James is also certified Master Trainer in NLP – A title reserved for only a handful of trainers worldwide. His unique strength is in his ability to model the successful strategies of NLP Master Trainers and luminaries like Richard Bandler, Dr John Grinder, Dr Sid Jacobson, Judith DeLozier, Robert Dilts, Anne Linden, Steve Andreas, and Suzi Smith.

James Leong is also one of Asia’s leading authorities on Direct Selling, Network Marketing, Development Of Human Potential and Personal Effectiveness. His company, Excellerated Excellence offers training and consultancy in Sales Team Management and Direct Selling). James has been actively involved in the MLM industry since 1995 and was formerly the Best Distributor of the Year 2001 in a prominent international MLM company.  In 2005, he was inducted into his MLM opportunity’s Wall of Fame. Excellerated Excellence also runs Asia’s first Business NLP Practitioner Course using the latest Third Generation NLP Technology.

James Leong is also the Co-author of The World’s First Book on Network Marketing with NLP, “MLM Persuasion Mastery: How Master Networkers Change Beliefs and Behavior”.  To contact James Leong, please visit his website or call +6590486062.  This article comes with reprint and redistribution rights as long as it is done so in its entirety with no editing.

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