Review: An Evening With Richard Bandler – Introduction to NLP

Review: An Evening With Richard Bandler – Introduction to NLP

“An Evening With Richard Bandler – Introduction to NLP” is aprofessionally produced DVD, filmed in London, England 2009and is just under two hours in length, where the ‘creativegenius behind NLP’ explains the origins of his life’s work,gives case studies, demonstrates techniques with members ofthe audience and spellbinds the viewer with his hypnoticstory telling mastery.

Although NLP’s infamous ‘Rapid Hypnotic Inductions’ aren’t demonstrated on the video, to be fair two members of the audience are hypnotised on stage.

Dr. Bandler has been involved with helping people achieve excellence from Business to Athletics for over 35 years. Heis world renowned for being able to resolve the problems of’impossible clients’ in therapeutic settings. Many considerhim to be the best Hypnotherapist in the world today and along with Neuro Liguistic Programming (NLP) he developed Design Human Engineering (DHE) and Neuro Hypnotic Re-patterning (NHR).

In “Introduction to NLP” I found the most value in the fact that you get to see Bandler at his best: In front of an audience with the opportunity for him to be able to interact and play with the audience. Indeed you get treated to two members of the public joining Bandler on stage where he demonstrates his skill and finesse at inducing postive ‘lifechange.’

Overall I think the DVD delivers on it’s title promise of introducing people to NLP. You’re not going to get better than Richard Bandler himself when it comes to seeing and hearing the real NLP attitude and methodology being demonstrated with real people.

Because Bandler uses some kind of Hypnotic communication most of the time, I found myself confused at times throughout the DVD, but the fact that it’s enjoyable viewing enabled me to ‘get it’ the next time I watched.

There are many aspects that could have been covered in the DVD because NLP is now a wide field. Personally I would liked to have seen Bandler talk more about Sub-Modalities,but of course this DVD is only an introduction to NLP.

With the DVD running at just under 2 hours, the amount of high quality content and the low price, I consider this product a ‘must get’ if you’re a fan of Richard Bandler and NLP. For more information on Richard Bandler’s New DVD please visit “Introduction to NLP”

Hopefully Dr. Bandler and ‘NLP Life Training UK’ will produce a follow up product, perhaps introducing more advanced NLP concepts and models.

Colin G Smith is the author of, “The NLP ToolBox” and “The Half Second Rule.” You can get a Free NLP Course by visiting ==>

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