Richard Bandler – NLP Training. Strategies and Creativity

Can you explain a bit about strategies and creativity? “Learn hypnosis from the world’s leading hypnotist and NLP’s co-creator Richard Bandler. Visit for courses and further information.”
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29. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. Wow, is this hypnosis?

  2. Sorry Richard, I am going to download all your seminars on torrents… but dont get me wrong, I am going to pay you everything back, oh believe me, and this is what I must do, if I am ever to have the money to pay you.

    My only mistake was to believe that “some mere mind blahblah” was the reason my life was the greatest life I could ever have wanted.

  3. @Dundon100 A more specific answer: NLP is (amongst other things) how you can enter your mind and change the images, change the sounds, change how you react to things… suddenly you feel powerful and confident around beautiful women, suddenly people start asking for you to help them with things you never knew you knew, suddenly you forget about your past, too happy to be in the moment, too eager to see what the future holds.

    I stopped as I could not believe NLP did this, now I know better.

  4. @Dundon100 Its basically how to transform your dreams, into real life.

    I can even tell you this: I got scared for the fact that this thing was so damn effective, that I put it away, as I told my coach: used to a mediocre life, this scares me, suddenly I got a beautiful girlfriend, a perfect body, everyone sees me as a natural leader, you see, life had thought me that making changes is a slow and tiresome process, that “NLP is impossible”

    Now im ready, to make me and my life all I want.

  5. whats NLP like to cure the dreaded social anxiety disorder or social phobia?

  6. GOOD!!!

  7. Richard is the best. Great techniques.

  8. “we get stuff done”
    awesome 🙂

  9. in spanish:
    me gusta los pantelones!

  10. i love his clothes


  12. If you find a way to experience synesthesia like some savants
    in order to use it for greater creativity
    could you suffer as they do as well?

  13. I could use your help fella

  14. Cool vid, very inspirational and i’m looking forward to reading your new book

  15. Wow I hardly recognised him, nice =)
    You are the man Richard!

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