Richard Bandler – NLP Training . Why dont people focus more on hapiness?

Why don’t people focus more on happiness? “Learn hypnosis from the world’s leading hypnotist and NLP’s co-creator Richard Bandler. Visit for courses and further information.”
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17. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. I totally agree Richard. But HOW do we maintain happiness? Seeking it internally rather than externally is a good place to start. Reduce attachment to the physical (including negative emotions) while increasing attachment to the non-physical (ie. Spirit, soul, love, forgiveness, flow, Divine Plan, etc…) is a sure fire way to maintain the state we call happiness in the longer term. NLP has a brilliant tool kit to help ppl DO just that.

    Namaste. 🙂

  2. @wayfarerdude Love it!!

  3. @matamoros1965 …Simple…you focus on being ‘overweight’ as a negative condition. He doesnt see that. He KNOWS that being overweight is not good, but that is not where his focus is in now. Its HIS choice…NLP is all about choices…not living by other people’s values. If YOU think being overweight is bad, do something for it for YOURSELF. Do not lose weight for other people, but for YOURSELF.
    Its as simple as that….the world is complicated because we wana impose OUR values unto others.

  4. Very enlightening. I’m going to check your site out

  5. seriously, how did you change?

  6. This guy murdered a woman named Corine Christensen, and got away with it.

  7. This guy murdered a woman named Corine Christensen , and got away with it.

  8. Yes, i totally agree. As a Los Angeles Life Coach, also Known as Coach Hollywood, NLP is the way to be an effective communicator!

  9. Plain and simple: This man is a fucking genious, after finally getting the element I needed to shape my dreams, I shall use everything this man has, to stop daydreaming, and use these dreams as models to what I want to change my life into.

    No one stopped him, so once I know all I do, how could anyone ever stop me.

  10. @matamoros1965 Besides…

    Not sure if anyone told you, but if you want to lose weight, its your body that needs to do the work, not the mind, you dont get a car when you want to bicycle do you?

    If you are unhappy being fat, it does not mean everyone is, but I can tell you that Richard can help you find happiness in being fat.

    excellence is what you want to be, not what losers with something against fat people want for you to be to please their own disfigured rationality.


  11. Perhaps he is well adjusted enough to understand that there is nothing wrong about being overweight, you see, judging others on their appearance is little more than cave antics, and judgements are nothing more than actions taken by bitter people that want to leach out on those merely different.

    Besides, Richard much like myself suffers from Diabetes, and anyone smart enough to keep their judgments away, knows that insulin makes one gain weight regardless, but that does not stop him, nor me.

  12. Hey fellows, I want a opinion, mind helping me out?

    So let me ask: Where should I start? All his seminars have similar names, yet none make too specifically what they do, I am gaining lots of weight, thus losing some self esteem (which could not have been good as I thought then), and this has made me stressed and reduced my sharp attitude.

    Yes sadly I am speaking about torrents… lost my job due to spontaneusly developing diabetes, so help me out, so I can start paying for this asap.

  13. Two observations, if this man’s expertise is teaching us about motivation and achieving excellence then why is he overweight? Second of all, the word is “mediocrity”, learn the English language first and he deigns to teach us about communication. Ha.

  14. great thought

  15. @bloodcorer this man is brilliant. I have a master’s in oriental medicine, teach doctors clinical technique as part of my regular job, research proper studies (which poo-poo this man’s work) and i can promise you that while you are ultimately responsible for the results you get, his teachings can give you the tools to take the reigns of your life. also, check out dr van der kolk at harvard, peter levine’s waking the tiger, and … shit, lost my train of thought

  16. no one thing will solve lifes problems try everything and only keep what really helps you!!!

  17. r u sure? it helps? and what does this book has?
    did help to u? plz reply, iam thinking of buying it cuz got some serious problems around here…

  18. Try Jamie Smart!!! he’s great to!!

  19. Yeah!! It’s one of my favorite book!

  20. Get the book: (Get the life you want) It has everything you need just go to the index and find your problem!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. how did u do that?

  22. I’m interested – I haven’t seen him talk before – in what way is he different?

  23. Great to hear that! Did you have one to one sessions with him?

  24. This man changed my life no more depression!!


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