Richard Bandler. Overcoming bad memories… live demo.

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16. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. @CalumnMcAulay its called atttitude

  2. @DELPHIIII nah, Bandler & Grinder said initially that you require rapport, however they later took it back (too lazy to cite). a classic example is that if you yell at someone, 99% chance they’ll slip out of rapport with you, but you’ll still make a profound affect by generating huge pain around the behaviour(s) you’re yelling at them for and they may stop. the story was pointing out that just because you’re over something doesn’t mean you can’t do it again, and that if it looks like shit, it is

  3. @fhandn yea i definitely thought the idea was to have rapport rather than continuously break it. I’m not sure what the story at the end was tho. No suggestion.. just weird.

  4. @xirishmagicx
    Lol. I was thinking the same but it could have been that he might have already had good rapport with him that he might have been doing it unconsciously. I’d think that one of the things Dr. Bandler would do while talking to the people would be to create rapport with them. Just a thought.

  5. He is a very smart man. He has helped made life a lot more interesting and rewarding.

  6. I believe millions of people on this planet owe a lot to this man and his friend, M, Erickson. They are the people who have invented the way to change our mind and put a person in the performance and emotional state which we enjoy. No matter what you find as a flaw should not be enough for us not to feel thankful to them. I believe they have found something in the class of Newton and Einstein. The technique and tool may be sound simple but the benefits are enormous to mankind.

  7. what you mean he needs someon to talk for him? why is his voice bad btw and no offense but he looks a little rough

  8. Classic Richard

  9. I think maybe he had a cold or something this day, as I’ve seen him lots of time since and his voice has been fine.

  10. Not a bad demo, but his voice is really going these days, needs some assistance

  11. leuk.

  12. Richard is still the master!!! Define the area of the brain where the memory is stored by asking questions that make you recall the memory then run the electrical energy that is the memory backwards with funny music to make you replace the negative energy with positive…. Brilliant!!!!

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