Richard Bandler – The Hypnotist – Part 2

The Hypnotist Taster by Richard Bandler – Part 2
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18. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. So you noticed that it was HER hand, on her OWN leg yea? Good.

  2. I don’t think that is factual!! you see, the brain learns to connect every experience to a context, however, the general anchoring process has one innate reason – protecting her- so if i override the old protecting programming with a new one, all of the old stuff will hove no ground to stand on, and will become no longer necessary. Exactly the same thing when you fear spiders in different places, the anchor becomes the place, but if you resolve your fear of spiders then that would suffice (:

  3. yeah go Bandler – genius all the way

  4. It’s part of rewarding her for her good work, it works conciously and unconciously.

  5. awesome.. .excellent.. bandler is just marvelous

  6. “If you don’t get on that ****ing plane!…”

  7. you should see what they did off camera…
    besides, its her hand, his hand is not so bone’y

  8. Glad I am part of this profession with a man like Richard at the helm.

  9. haha yeah it was kinda sketchy of him.

  10. yes and also other techniques and hypnosis.

  11. i love a happy ending.

  12. Richard Bandler is great. It is clear to see that he is using very simple psychological strategies to make the person sees things differently. Therefore, its a result!!

  13. Are they married or was he kissing her and stroking her leg as part of the session.

  14. you dont understand this “enigma”??

  15. Really good question.
    For long time I wonder the same.

    He have diabetes, we all know that, but still I wonder the same.

    Btw, Freud smoke, many others too, smoke, fats, etc.
    THey can´t improve themselves?

  16. To Tilpah: Buddha was fat, Christ not rich: for you americans, a great enigma!!

  17. richard rocks

  18. Does he remind anyone else of like…Heath Ledgers Joker in his old age xD The Lip movements and everything.

    Bandler really is an inspirational bloke, truly.

  19. to rikki – you go, girl!
    to richard – you go, guy!

    seriously, bandler has done more than anyone i’m aware of to free lots of people from some of their fears. outstanding human being award to that man.

  20. I think the problem here is that most hypnotist dont spend the time to do all this with their clients and most people havnt got the money to book a hypnotist to spend all that time with them. To tell people that they only need one session is mostly the wrong info and only applies to some treatments. Having said that Bandler of course rocks, 10 stars

  21. This guy is fat. Why can’t he use mind techniques to stop eating so much?

  22. I think he means the movie in the crowded theatre.. right rickwasson?

  23. And that’s the beauty of the ‘Mind’ we will never really know. With time new ideas will arrive, technology will develop to measure what is happening in the brain. Yet in the end we will never know at the lowest level of the ‘mind’ or the subconscious what is really going on. All that we can do is work on the end result. How we get there is not important providing it is ethical. Its the result we get that is important and in the end that’s how we evolve as humans.

  24. im not so impressed with his techniques in this case, anybody can be convinced to board a plane during a panic attack.isnt the objective to understand the fight or flight response an then come to an agreement with it using visualisation.thats what i did an it worked for me

  25. LOL, ok seeing the lottery numbers is a bit much.

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