Richard Bandler – Trancing in and Out

Short extract of NLP co-creator Richard Bandler in the the 6 DVD set: Trancing in and Out. You can buy the DVD from
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27. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. Dope

  2. Regardless of the method, I agree with the concept. Years ago, six men jumped me, some with knives and clubs. I remember almost nothing about it except time slowed to a crawl and space to a bubble, and when it was over I was the only one standing and uninjured. None of them got away. I’ve never been much of a competitor in any sport, but something strange and metaphysical happened to me. I guess “Nutboy” jumped out of the bag. I had the rage shakes for the next 24 hours. Trance?

  3. Say what you want but this guy is enlightened one, he is above reality which is controlled by hypnosis and trance….

  4. @MindHealthSpa I am glad you think people can read minds. If I see someone like Bandler who, as you say, has the skills to model any human behavior, why would I not ask the question: “Why does he appear to be out of shape when he has skills that I do not?”

    Someone told me he had health issues. So now I know the answer. I am certain you can perceive the irony in that fact that Bandlers’ life is about asking questions and yet I cannot?

    I think he can handle my question.

  5. Why should anyone care about Richard’s Health. He’s happy and having more pleasure out of life then you clearly are to be making such comments. “Disappointment requires adequate planning” Richard Banlder. Now move on and get a life.

  6. @richardlindesay Right on!

  7. @HypnotizedAwake “This man is not healthy in mind or body.” Yeah but you should see his house.”

  8. @Guppypants Do you know something that the jury didn’t??????????

  9. @JiggaNiggaFigga you take this dick…

  10. Hypnosis is just marvellous. it can help you understanding why you do things and how patterns in your mind are created. If you lived in a biblebelt for instance when you were young and you were the only communist in school then you know why the suggestive ones get changed by teachers and other people in your village force you to appreciate hogs. Hypnosis opens eyes.

  11. @HypnotizedAwake – I have seen some of the original “Rare Bandler” stuff and at least to me back then he seemed like a real jerk and now he seems a lot less arrogant and brow beating.

  12. @wetlazer This man is not healthy in mind or body.

  13. but Richard unintentionally did a gesture to his cock with”take this stick”

    hahahahahahahahaahahahhaahahaahahhahahahaha OWNED!

  14. Geez there’s some superficial comments on this link. Who cares if the guy isn’t what you think is “peak health”? Have you thought that might not be as important to him? Just put that aside and listen to the teachings as they are the best.

  15. beautiful… teaching manipulation by manipulating people… all I’ve got to say is, Richard Bandler is the most powerful seducer since Jesus!

  16. This guy murdered a woman named Corine Christensen , and got away with it.

  17. Yes!

  18. People are really paying for this blabla?

  19. @patricioac123 lol
    as some1 else said.No
    but Richard unintentionally did a gesture to his cock with”take this stick”

  20. @patricioac123
    not sure

  21. @patricioac123 nahhh. But Ross was a student of Richard’s

  22. he is hypnotizing the shit out of us the entire time he’s speaking

  23. yes he is referring to tony robbins

  24. he mentions “TONY” is he referring to anthony robbins????for the pistol training

  25. is that ross jeffries sitting in the audience at 2:00?

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