Richard Bandler Video: What is NLP 2.0?

Methods of achieving success and understanding your mind’s processes are just a few of the things David Jenyns explored whilst attending Richard Bandler’s highly esteemed Design Human Engineer (DHE) Workshop. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and DHE are internationally regarded as brilliant methods for careerists, practitioners and entrepreneurs to maximise both personal and business opportunities. To find out more about Dave visit:

23. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. @JiggaNiggaFigga hhahahah u serious man?? read some books bro and stop messing around with Grand Theft Auto in your PS, cuz’ it is there the place where you take your wisdom, right?
    you don’t even know what you’re talking about bro. that dude is changing people’s life since the 70s, get yourself informed

  2. to each his own guys. it all depends on how you apply what bandler teaches. it’s possible to distill the good stuff and apply that to your life.

  3. @SergeHumphrey
    and you people treat it so serious and live this stuff?

  4. Great Video. Tesla also had a wonderful clairvoyant ability, which really helps for visual abilities.

  5. @iron13man
    At last someone with brain. Bandler is ol’ swindler, hustler, they same he teaches you can learn in the streets. Everyone who got into interaction with street-smart guy knows what I’m talking about. Nothing new and nothing genius about it.

  6. I am a master trainer and have been for 15 years. My advice, stay away from Bandler training. Two reasons, first, yes he gets dark. The second, you would not go to Einstien to learn to build a computer. Bandler and Grinder started NLP however its come so much further since then.
    I spent 10 years in an office using the stuff on real people 6 – 8 sessions per day. Some of it works and some does not.

    Certain things you know you need to know, now then, you can learn what you need to.

  7. POWERFUL story from Tesla – LOVE his stuff!

  8. Wow – love this video from you David – more of these please 🙂

    Gideon Shalwick

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