Richard Bandler: Welcome to Reality

A short extract fron the DVD set ‘Welcome to Reality’. You can buy the DVD from
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16. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. heroine junkie! All symptoms are there!

  2. Bandler can flyyyyyy!!!!!! You just haven’t seen that DVD yet..

  3. This guy is a quack, a schmuck, and a looney. His closed posture absolutely meant he wasn’t open to new ways of thinking, and trying to turn psychiatry on it’s head just because he didn’t have enough “influence” is the worst way to approach it.


  5. @jefitz oh ‘god’. Jesus was just a man. An incredible man, but not ‘the son’ of god. ask any extraterrestrial.

  6. @400timesmore That’s interesting. Do you have a link or something so I can get further informations about this? You can post it on my commentaries or send me a PM.
    Because I thought that this theory isn’t nonsense. Thank you!

  7. @powerfulsexyprincess Strictly speaking Jesus is your “true salvation”. NLP is just a collection of strategies and philosophies that can be useful to your life but Bandler admits himself that he does not have all the answers. To the riddle of life and death itself and for salvation we must go higher to the supernatural and encounter our true saviour Jesus Christ

  8. Richard is amazing

  9. Yes do check eye accessing cues. We ask our delegates to check eye accessing cues. We get about at 80% correlation. What’s important is to teach people to start being aware of the signals people give out. Care is needed with how you interpret any signal, but that’s not a reason not to look.

  10. Is he still teaching this nonsense about the eye-movements? It has been shown many times that the theory is nonsense. You don’t believe it?
    Just ask questions like “Whats the color of you car?” and check the eye movements.

    So please RB please stop teaching this BS.

  11. 0:56 – facepalm

  12. @NLPtrainingDVDs “felt” is the keyword there lol

  13. @absba9 well to em it seems that it claims that it changes your perception of the experience. couz experience ahs already happened noone can change history but you can change your perception or reaction you get from the experience–>thats what it claims as far as i heard and read

  14. Thank you for the video, great to see and hear Richard Bandler share NLP with the world, makes me feel good :))

  15. @Ijustasking
    this makes a lot of sense to me, as someone who studied NLP for a very long time – did not have the opportunity to go to a seminar though – i find it effective in helping improve the quality of my experience, but does NOT change the experience – which is what it claims to be able to do.

  16. I’ll comment that we offer a ‘no quible’ money back gaurantee on our own NLP Training. No one in ten years training has asked for it back. Most of our clients are senior, successful business people who wouldn’t think twice about complaining very strongly if they felt they didn’t get their money’s worth.

  17. Bandler is a brilliant and intertaining speaker which sometimes might mask the fallacies of his arguments. the Anti-psychology rant is a bit tired the field has moved a long way since freud. The fact is even at the level of “what works” wich what NLP claims to be interested in, no much evidence is there after 30 year that NLP claims and techniques actually work. It seems NLP is just a self promoting money making pseudo-scientific training franchise which survises on the credulity of it followers

  18. the reason Bandler and Anthony Robbins are great is because of their kick ass attitude and enthusiasm. Other NLP teachers make me wanna sleep…

  19. Bandler is the Man. He is just superb NLP gives power which society and the media try to take away. Everyone must learn NLP it will be your true salvation!

  20. I did my training with him (Prac and Master Prac) and he’s brilliant. Go see him, you’ll come away changed.

  21. Thank you for this.

    Kamran Sultan

  22. @KINGROOSTER45 Upload them or send me a link of your website i really want to watch Thanks for sharing

  23. @KINGROOSTER45 Upload them or send me a link of your website i really want to watch Thanks for sharing

  24. @KINGROOSTER45 Upload them or send me a link of your website i really want to watch Thanks for sharing

  25. @KINGROOSTER45 Upload them or send me a link of your website i really want to watch Thanks for sharing

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