This video is about me demonstrating hypnotic persuasion skills with my good friend Romilla Ready, the lead author of NLP for Dummies. In it I demonstrate preframes, calibration for sensory acuity, anchoring, hypnotic language patterns and embedded commands. You can see the accompanying article about this video at
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20. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. Cool video, this stuff is cool, liked your facebook page.

  2. Makes you wonder if some of the most powerful and/or popular people don’t use NLP.

  3. Thanks for putting out these cool NLP videos.

  4. Yea that NLP is some cool stuff, I’ve seen people that are really good at it.

  5. This whole conversational hypnosis (NLP) thing is fascinating!

  6. Great video showing true conversational hypnosis!

  7. Well done video, loved it!

  8. Wow knowing this stuff could give someone a huge advantage in life.

  9. Conversational hypnosis Rocks, I have got to learn how to do this stuff.

  10. Good job with the hypnotic persuasion, she did not even catch that one. lol

  11. Cool video thanks for sharing.

  12. Great website, even more conversational hypnosis information.

  13. Another cool conversational hypnosis video, thanks!

  14. Very interesting. I like the card thing.

  15. Thats cool that you set up a Facebook page for this, good info.

  16. Thank you for showing your conversational hypnosis video, very interesting.

  17. NLP is some freaky stuff dude.

  18. Wow I can see what you mean, your just reading the persons signals.

  19. Great info on conversational hypnosis, thanks!

  20. Great card trick.

  21. Wow, I can see how this could be a big benifit for you at work, you know alot about most of them. Hmmmm

  22. I would like to learn conversational hypnosis, could be a helpful tool.

  23. Great I am really getting into this hypnosis stuff, I liked your video!

  24. It’s amazing the signals we give, It’s just knowing how to read them.

  25. Great start to covert persuasion techniques, as you get better at it you can do it to people after breifly meeting them and using conversational methods.

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