Ronald’s NLP journey

Ronald’s NLP journey

About two years ago I complained to my friend that my neck hurts, because my work is always in front of the computer. I told him that nothing works anymore. He said, try EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). I got the manual, learned what it says, tried it and was cured within 1% of the time reading the manual. I was impressed and thought that was just coincidence.

I had another problem with my spine and again it took less than 2 minutes to cure it permanently.

These two incidences inspired me to get certified in EFT. Read more about it on our EFT web site: and facebook page “”.

About the same time my friend introduced me NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and I understood nothing of it. So, I put all info I got from him aside and did nothing with NLP for a while.

Even I did not understand it at the beginning it attracted me to read more on the Internet about it and became more and more excited about it. The excitement grew so much, that I made the courses about NLP (practitioner, master practitioner and trainer).

I had to try it on myself and remembered my doctor who gives me 20 pills a day (after I had an heart attack). He said, if I can lose 30 kgs, I can talk to him again to reduce the daily pills.

I learned in NLP what to do to reduce weight, and I did it.

I used two of the NLP techniques and visual squash worked right away. I removed of my “daily desire” eating of 1 liter ice cream. I don’t want ice cream anymore. I did remove more from my habits to eat, replaced it with vegetable and fruits and got success: I lost 12 kgs in 16 weeks! That means I am half way of my goal to  be able to negotiate with my doctor to reduce my daily ration of pills. I am now very sure that I will reach that goal within the next 4 to 6 months.

As NLP master practitioner and trainer I have helped now several people successfully to:

reduce weight
stop smoking
stop procrastination
reduce the fear of public speaking

What NLP can still do is listed on my NLP web site: and facebook page: “”

NLP is often referred as “awaken hypnosis” – Aha! – so I wanted to know more about hypnosis and got certified in hypnosis basic and advanced as well.

What is next? I learned a lots! I read a lots! It is time to get something back, right? How? Many questions about that bothered me days and night.

I made the next certification as Life Coach and Master Life Coach.

Now, all is a complete package: As Life Coach I am helping people to overcome any “challenges” they may have. Depending on the “problem” as they called it before they switched also to challenges, I can use EFT, NLP and hypnosis to help them in their private life or in their business environment.

My teacher said:  Make yourself as rar as you can! -??? He explained: many coaches are just doing their best to keep clients, by not helping them as fast as they can. This really caught my attention. If I help a client and he can overcome his challenge in a few sessions, am I then out of business again? He explained, not at all! If you help a client fast, he might think of another challenge and come back soon, and for sure he will be your best advertisement to find a new client. Wow, that is amazing! And indeed, I started by testing the techniques on myself, had success, showed it to friends and made some speeches in Toastmasters and other places and got requests.

I am very happy that I gone this route, because I am confident that I CAN help others and it makes so much fun to see successful people around me.

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Ronald Wiplinger was born in Austria in the last century. His mother’s tongue is German. He lives in Taiwan for more than 20 years and had to use most of the time English.

Ronald build up a company, which is consulting other companies regarding the Internet (including security, VoIP and other challenges).

Personal interest lead to become a practitioner for EFT, NLP, hypnosis and Life Coaching.

Ronald is available via phone +886 988-707-742. If you want to add me to skype (Ronald) you may need to send me an email first to ronald (at) elmit (dot) com


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