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Ross Jeffries created Speed Seduction, the use of NLP Hypnosis to seduce. The father of the modern day seduction community is on tap in this episode of Frank Talks. Jeffries claims these methods help men understand women, particularly their motivations and psychology, in order to successfully pick-up women. Ross’s current version of Speed Seduction focuses on techniques of moving “energy” through the body and the practice of magic. His techniques and online persona have been the subject of some controversy.Jeffries is said to have started the seduction community with his online posts. He was the first of the Seduction Community to create a website and usenet newsgroup. He also published books, CDs, videos and runs seminars on dating and self-improvement for men.[3] Speed seduction is based on adaptations made by Jeffries to techniques found in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). The basis of the original Speed Seduction books and courses is the belief that in order for a person to interpret a story, question or any linguistic pattern they must first experience its content; for instance, asking someone Have you ever been really attracted to someone? will cause them to physically relive the experience of being attracted. The goal is to arouse women by guiding their emotional states by using language. This is said to put them in a connected or sexual state, similar to the experiences of women reading romance novels. Phonetic ambiguity (such as “your mind” vs “you’re mine
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  1. What a great channel! I can tell you spent some time on your video and really respect that. Hope you enjoy mine

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