Russian Spetsnaz gun Disarming

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08. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. @garrettkai Or Chinese Martial Arts have a Russian Influence. systema is 1000 years old!

  2. One thing I really like about Systema is the use of Body Mechanics, Physics and Geometry. While most American Military arts resemble Japanese Martial Arts Styles, Systema clearly has a Chinese Martial Art Influence.

  3. I have noticed that most american soldier, arabic soldier, pakistani soldier, european soldier, south american soldier and some asian soldiers have different natural weight then most native soldier and slavic soldier. A lot of slavic soldiers stay meagre after they come back from war and never regain a healthy normal weight. I even noticed this in myself. Most ex-soldier get fat. Native and slavic people usually don’t. I think it is because they have survived the worst battles.

  4. It’d be great if we could see that pistol disarm in full speed. But doing so would probably break the fingers of the ‘aggressor’. It might not seem like it since he’s doing it slowly, but the technique must be seriously effective if he’s willing to load it with live rounds, cock it, and no safety on.

  5. Seen the ‘illusionist’ Derren Brown do the same thing to martial arts students (and stranger things). He uses “suggestion, misdirection, and showmanship” in his own words. My best guess is that’s what’s going on here and with other “noncontact work”, inc by other Russians. But to me, if you can make a guy fall down or miss a punch by suggestion etc, that’s still a very potent a skill!

  6. ive seen some of the rifle stuff before – the use of rifle to put a man in restraints and then use him as a sheild is awesome but Im thinking the cap would not be so compliant – IDK – I especially like the ammo clip turn over he does – as far as the no touch takedowns, the misdirection, interesting stuff – chi manipulation?

  7. @TommyDai1 well find the guy and have him do it to you, if he can?

  8. WTF man is he a jedi or something 4:13 he took him to the ground with the force? seems fake

  9. The pulldown from behind at 4:13 can be done, in a different context using NLP. I’ve done it with a friend. Greetings from Thornhill, ON 😉

  10. @gekiryudojo Very interesting, thanks. I’ve seen how set-ups can greatly increase the power of an attack.

  11. @wanderinggibbon I think anyone can do simple redirection type of non contact moves It takes more of a set up to do these complicated no contact things you see here, you can witness on this part of the video he got him to punch him in the same place several times before he did the redirection move in other words he set him up!, I doubt it would work without the specific relationship these guys have to each other, the ting at the end well your guess is as good as mine

  12. I like the gun-disarms, they remind me of later Aikido. Aside from that, I’ve yet to see non-contact with my own eyes (though I do practice Dim-Mak)

  13. @MinnesotaSystema good call!

  14. @MinnesotaSystema wasn’t referring to you Trev – you’re the best 🙂

  15. I have posted my tribute to all ‘no contact’ martial arts on one of my other channels. Search the folowing: ” kiai master vs mma ” Look for one that is three minutes and thirty four seconds long. Enjoy! I wish people in our art would stop embarrassing us all with this stuff. For an example search: ” interaction with force 2008 ” it’s 5:33 long. He’s the worst as far as promoting this particular snake oil, but all the big organizations seem to have someone high ranking playing the game.

  16. @orionbassmaster I nont know but his name is said on the video
    he looks like an interesting man

  17. very interesting indeed , especially the no contact knockdowns , btw whats the name of this Russian instructor , and is it possible to find dvds of him around?

  18. briez kontaktni … no contact … thats what I call awsome … respect

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