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18. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. That shirt transcends confidence. It takes pure, unmitigated balls to put that shirt on and go out in public. What the hell.

  2. Pure scum. How many times did he say “I’ve got nothing against seduction techniques.”. Um no one cares because you are not the epitome of integrity. No one thinks you have any standards. The shirt gave away your decade of the last time seduction techniques actually worked for you. Maybe early 80’s?

  3. @sid1024

    good thing i didn’t watch everything otherwise i woulld have wasted my time as well. this is the 3rd and last video im watching

  4. Did anyone els notice the sp at money? Lol I i did watch most of it and do regret it…

  5. this is embarrasing

  6. You basically said a lot of nothing–well done. Useless video.

  7. so i really do need a new boy toy hihi

  8. His Hawaiian hula gula shirt is his best confidentiality proof.Bay the book.

  9. its true women can tell if you are faking confidence 🙂
    But yeah Confidence is dangerous because if you combine that with humour, that will get you laid!!! hehehehe

  10. u seem fake? how about that 🙂

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