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22. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. is NLP (in general, not only anchor for dating) working if you’re doing it before going to sleep, or do you have to hear someone guiding you?

  2. I am for NLP when it is used for therapy or by illusionists like Derren Brown just for fun :). I am against when it is used for sales, dates… I am reading Frogs into Princes now, and it is sad, that Bandler (author of this book) trained salesmen too…

  3. I did NOT say that. I was talking in general in therapy…etc. It’s common in NLP / Hypnosis. You can anchor just to feel pleasure. I have MY OWN video on Anchoring and using it in Self-Hypnosis. Learn what you’re talking about “Really Study” a subject before commenting. It’s called uuuhhh Growing up and NOT being ignorant.

  4. NLP for getting chicks is bull$it :), dear idiot.

  5. Yeah okay like you know idiot. I do it plus hypnosis. Good Lord, ignorant people Errrr.

  6. bull$hit

  7. confidence isnt really needing of an anchor because if you use confident body posture it is already anchored to the feeling.. pretty strongly too.. stuff like talkative,or other feelings that dont have a specific body anchor to it is what needs this…

  8. hey good work Steve… i want to ask you though, and tell you that i have been anchoring for a month and i have been able to feel my memories easily, but after a month everytime i want to remember the moment the feeling doesnt seem to come. Can you tell me what it is I am missing or wat i need to do? thanks

  9. is the the hands-free ear piece an anchor or are the a trekee

  10. Check out my new book, Disco Hypnotic. Google it to find more info.

  11. OMG too intense i feel back pain (because of heavy backpack) and dizzy!

  12. Very interesting. This technique is very similar to one used in ‘method acting’. Primarily the use of sensory recall in helping to establish a desired groundwork for the scene. Very cool.

  13. Nice technique and a killer sound track too!

  14. It doesn’t work for me. The anchor someway doesn’t trigger those feelings when I need them. This movie doesn’t tell how to do it properly to always get success, so it’s not as good as it might be.

  15. thank you very much!!! You make me your fan now lol

  16. Great very well explained and thanks very much for this clip!

  17. Thanks for the video. A cool technique.

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