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14. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. His videos was what started me in the path pf Hypnosis in 2008 & I havent stopped learning. It was the lemon drop vidoe first.

  2. Good video sir,I would like to learn selfhypnosis any material that indunce me deeper or any video to do selfhypnosis and some scripts

  3. @SamFischer1000 Thousands of people have bought our CD’s, training DVD’s and other materials. Thousands of others hav bought our books and resources. This clip is 7 minutes of a 20 disc set that teaches how to do hypnosis. THis is an introductory experience and exercise.

  4. DVD? Has anybody ever paid for this?

  5. it worked i was so relaxed i couldnt move my arms.

  6. blabity blabity blahh

  7. This is amazing

  8. Silly hypno-man thinks he’s on a DVD.

  9. I cant hypnotise myself …it try this over and over again but i just cant …Is realy frustrating because i see all these comments …about how they succed but i just cant make it work 🙁 .

  10. I remember feeling my head get heavy then nothing until he started counting.

  11. It felt like i was completely fully aware that i was still in my room and i could hear every word you were saying so i dont know if i was rly hypnotized or not but i did follow all of your directions to see what would happen and when you told us to go to a peaceful, happy place is it normal that I cried?

  12. Wow, thats amazing!

  13. wow it really worked i did it at 12 o clock and got back at 2 amazing

  14. Nice one. It worked!

  15. I feel completely relaxed, wow, this is truly amazing…. O.O

  16. Almost fell asleep on my couch, it was nice

  17. this was great i myself enjoyed it…..i even posted it on facebook….im soo relaxed

  18. It appears the majority of the commenters experienced hypnosis. Very effective, considering it is a video, and with an ambient microphone. basically proves that you don’t need any fancy techniques or equipment to make it work.

  19. I Really enjoyed the video and the channel. Wanted to say hi and make friends.

  20. I can’t be hypnotized for the SOUL reason i’m hyper. Relaxation and me are MORTAL ENEMIES!!!!!!! What should i do?

  21. wow it took 1h for me to tome back it felt awesome i did not feel a thing and i came back i had fallen on to floor and pc mouse and keybord on me lol but im ok im subing!

  22. i really did feel so much at peace this feels good

  23. wow im so relaxed now! youre awesome!(:

  24. I Really enjoyed the video and the channel. Wanted to say hi and make friends.

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