Self Hypnosis Relaxation for Sleep and Meditation Self Hypnosis Relaxation works wonderfully if you want to get better more restful sleep or if you just want to wind right down so you can get into a state for meditation a lot quicker. While this self hypnosis video sampler shows some relaxing images, a far better way to get deep into a hypnotic or meditative state is to just listen to an mp3 through stereo headphones. Just settle yourself down comfortably in a chair, or even lie down, and watch your own internal video. This video is designed to introduce you to the sounds you will find on our self hypnosis mp3 downloads and not to send you into a hypnotic trance while viewing it. Many self-hypnosis practitioners do not use multi-track sound techniques with their training. However, I have found that a single voice source can leave the mind open to wandering in an attention deficit sort of way. That may be ok for some meditation purposes. If you want to use hypnosis to train for a definite purpose, like to stop smoking, lose weight or perhaps stress management training say, then it’s better to achieve it more quickly by keeping the mind on target. This is what the multi-tracking achieves. Very difficult to dream off track when two, or even three, different voice sources are coming down each ear as you may have found by listening to this very short video. Most of the mp3 sessions last for around half an hour or so. When first starting learning how to hypnotize yourself it usually needs that kind of time to get into

15. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. it made mefeel like ouking. idkk why i just felt sick half way through

  2. beautiful video


  4. Wow, I was nodding off in the middle of this. I wasn’t asleep, I was aware of everything. But I was just so relaxed. This works.

  5. Badass. If you know how to meditate, you can do this.

  6. This video made me go slightly insane at 2:15

  7. pathetic…

  8. This was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I immediately felt relaxed and it helped me get to sleep at around midnight. I tried one on Christmas Eve, but it didn’t work. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. wait…. so I can only be happy if I listen to hypnosis tapes?

  10. i fell asleep in the middle of it I LOVED THIS!

  11. Wow. Wasn’t expecting this to work, but it put me straight to sleep before it even finished. The voice is so calming. Do you have any guided meditation videos for helping with stress?

  12. Beautiful flowers calming music and words that make me want to drift away.Love the picture of the dog.Is he a part of the whole garden experience?

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