Self Realization

An Excercise for Awakening…

19. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. not to nitpick- but we don’t actually know that all animals lack the ability to observe themselves. in particular, the types of animals that pass the mirror test may well be able to reflect on themselves or their actions. of course, this idea doesn’t disprove what you’re saying about human ways of finding themselves.

  2. Ahh the hindu philosophy of self-realization, one with everyone, knowledge experientially rather than theoretically. Breaking from the our human for to the formless. Have you yet to reach self-realization through the science of yoga?

  3. not who am, WHAT am I?

    i take my stand prior to all. i am not an object because i cannot be conceptualized.

    there is no one here. all verbs are nouns and all words are lies

  4. your voice is so soft and harmonic. it made me relax.

  5. Well, there are 4 species on earth so far that have passed the “Mirror test” for self awareness. Humans are the first then some apes, elephants and dolphins i think.
    In other words they know that what they see is themselves. They have a self realisation moment in front of the mirror.

  6. maslow said that only 2% of the population will ever achieve that stage since it’s at the top of his pyramid

  7. this is a video response to maslow, why?what is the connection to self realization and self actualization?

  8. Hey this is a great exercise to try on mushrooms, if you REALLY want to know.

  9. I know I might have come across cheeky before, Scottish humour doesn’t always come across well in writing. But on coming back to this video, I have to reiterate that this is a truely wonderful and valuable series. I am really grateful for these videos and all the advice offered. Thanks Alkistis.

  10. dont u dare call me a idiott

  11. Fail At Being An Idiot!

    Fail for not being able to spell well enough to act like an idiot!

  12. Its really lovely when you try this it happened quickly today. Who Am I ?. Home within(heaven within). I’ve been working a lot with the earth and infinite divine energy and its really exsuisite when you FEEL parts of what/who you truly are.

  13. My Master? I have had many Masters, I learn from everyone…

  14. i have never come across a phd who talks like you. curious who is your master?

  15. Imagine you are out of your body, and try moving your fingers as if they are not a part of you,
    then move your eyes like they belong to someone else. Then look at your own brain from the outside, and watch it think, then make a command to your lims.

  16. Who AM I?…..A unique aspect of the one infinite being of all life. Joy, bliss,passion,peace,love,praise,gratitude.

    Much love to all of you.

  17. LOL Alkistis, I’m a big fan of your channel but you seem a little drunk here ahaha…maybe one two many glasses with dinner? LOL still great and far more coherent than I could manage that is for sure. Truely wonderful series, thank you.

  18. 5 percent of your wisdom will make other human been a genius ….

  19. Is one really “thinking” about thinking or rather is it a case of observing oneself thinking. It concerns the understanding that the observer is the observed (see J.Krishnamurti and Dr.David Bohm). It is like a quantum event in physics. There is a lot of depth to discover in this area related to awareness as a dimension that is “Vertical” to the normally experienced “Horizontal” dimension of just ‘thinking”.

  20. I’m a psychology major and in my Research in Developmental Psychology class, we have been talking about metacognition in human development–the ability to think about thinking. It’s truly fascinating and is incredibly mysterious. This is a great exercise! Thank you for all of your videos. They are wonderful.

  21. Thank you. Finally adding to the understanding of the evolution of consciousness in recent times, maybe started with Dr. Richard Maurice Bucke in “Cosmic Consciousness” circa 1901, then Pierre Teillhard de Chardin in “The Phenomenon of Man” and “Le Devin Milieu”, followed by J. Krishnamurti in “The Awakening of Intelligence”, and then Eckhart Tolle in “The Power of Now”, “Stillness Speaks” and “A New Earth”. … continued below …

  22. …continued … Of course Maslow was heading that way also. Each has used a slightly different language, and the language will continue to change as man and consciousness evolves.
    Once again, thank you very much Alkistis for putting these ideas into the public domain. I, and bviously many others appreciated your work.

  23. It would be good, but not absolutely necessary, you can choose another time for part 2.
    Thank you for asking.

  24. Dear Alkistis. I have a question.

    Do I have to do exercise two (“who’s asking?”) immediately after exercise one (“who am I?”)?

  25. you have my grandpa sens of humor

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