Self reprogramming

Some established NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)techniques for self-reprogramming and self-training, in order to get different results in our life. See the world through new physical expressions. attraction Law of Attraction Teleclasses Coincidence Attracting Abundant vibrations identify…
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02. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. You are such a wonderful teacher who speaks with great description. I’m so glad I came across your channel in my NLP research. I am going to catch up on all these videos and look forward to more!

  2. Re-programming your mind is interesting but there are things I want to change but stress is my biggest problem as I was rushed to hospital it was a scary world I experienced. What advice do you have for stress as such?

  3. hi Alkistis,
    i’m still laughing while i comment this because you brought it to the point by speaking “in different tongues”.
    one defenitely changes his/her personality by doing so …
    ; – )

  4. Ok thank you alkistis!

  5. Practice makes perfect. Also, make friends with those nationalities…

  6. OMG, how do you know so many languages?
    Je veux savoir plus des langues, mais je sais seulement deux, et un peu de francais … :/ haha

  7. I feel another experience of life in discoteque every week, when i train to become a Master of Ceremony..or in theatre, when i make a show. In my everyday life I feel “normal”, but when i’m there I feel like being the hero of the place. People notice this change of mine and many consider me as a very weird guy. But that’s ok with me, I enjoy it and I feel free. But I wonder if I give myself a bad image to the others. I’m a bit scared of it.

  8. oh man I want to go to he beach and just sit in the sun right now.

  9. HMMMH! Far more interesting than I first thought it would be!

    very impressed with these videos.

  10. I want that kind of weather here in February. Instead we get snow and subzero temperatures!

  11. Ever heard of Jeffrey Dahmer?

    Once in a while, falling in love takes a stalking/kidnapping/cannibalizing turn, which really IS innappropriate. I don’t think I’m just talking from a generational or cultural perspective. I think some things are UNIVERSALLY impolite.

    It was kind of this girl to make clear that he infatuation will not take he obsessive psychotic stalker turn.

  12. this could be called the “when in Rome” technique…

  13. There is no such thing as an “inappropriate way” to fall in love.

  14. Hi Alkistis,
    I am an Indian girl living in the USA,and I’m honestly hooked to your videos and falling in love with your whole personality(of coz not in any inapropriate way). Dying to as well travelled as you are and hope to meet u in person someday, just to tell u what an inspirational person u r esp so bcoz i don’t usuualy find anyone that inspiring very easily in my adult life.Thankyou& have a wonderful life!!!

  15. It’s great that you give us a video response, however Dr. Craig Venter and his work on Genetic Engineering. Is aspiring and this response to his work is not to necessary.

  16. bla bal bla bla bla bla bla bla

  17. Love your vids..
    You are one intelligent spiritually aware lady..brava!!

    Vesna 🙂

  18. Self-Development feel so good.
    Thank you this was refreshing for the mind and the body.
    Sometimes I just need to stop and breath suggested by a dear friend and business associate.


  19. Dear RajClass,
    Thank you. Sometimes people organize seminars for me in their country, privately or through the company that they work for. If you are interested in this option, contact me. Otherwise, there is always SKYPE sessions available if you want life & work coaching.

  20. When are you coming to New Delhi, I want to meet you, I don’t know where from did you attain that much of wisdom and knowledge, i am mesmerised, if i can meet you once and have a coaching session with you, all of my weakness would definitely would go away, i know its all in the mind. Please come to Delhi, i work for IBM Daksh, i have a dream but if i can’t manage myself, my thoughts,my courage, how can i manage people and my ambitions.

  21. Hi Alkistis,
    Greetings from Germany. I’d like to know any recommendations for any material that I can go through in detail about this stuff of self reprogramming. I like it a lot.

  22. This talk helped me to have lot of introspection . very nice

  23. Hi Alkistis
    A video with most thought provoking ideas
    Thanks 4 that

  24. Gia sou alkisti ime apo athina kai parakouloutho ta videos ise poly kali, I can say you are a lot of help for many people eyharisto..

  25. Thank you. I take what I was given and ‘developed’ it further through methods and awareness. This is what can be considered ‘a good caretaker’.

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