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15. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. @clarkemetalstrust sounds like you figured it out

  2. @clarkemetalstrust you make your own luck

  3. lol awesome story….I’m going to facebook this 😀

  4. @clarkemetalstrust Doesn’t the ability to achieve something imply that you ask both these questions? Of course, first you need to find out What, and How. But if something is missing so that you don’t achieve what you set out to, Why is a natural question – as long as it’s not the only question you ask.

  5. That was a very good story!
    But it was about how the ‘Fool’ did not listen to the teachings he received through his experiences, nor did he understand the teachings he received from ‘God’, because he didn’t hear what wasn’t being said in the common, verbally communicative way.
    The story calls him a ‘Fool’, but in that regard we’re all fools, not because we’re foolish, but because we were never taught how to really listen. It’s a bit harsh to call people fools for not having great intellects.

  6. What a Fool

  7. @razieloner77 yea, true

  8. hahaaa brilliant story,

  9. listened to it 5-times hmm ,If I dont ask for what I want and instead ask why i dont have…., I wont see the great opportunities to benefit myself and others in front of me and also somebody else might have an answer to support by beliefs and that might not benefit me but them! “I Must define my life and live on my terms”well thats what my brain got out of it?.nice work!

  10. great story:)

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