Singapore NLP Master Trainer: Induction Step-By-Step James Leong, NLP Master Trainer, is the First in the World to complete a MBA Dissertation on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the Enneagram Personality Profiling System. Outside of UK and US, he is also the First Person to conduct the “Business NLP Practitioner Program” in Singapore and Asia. NLP Master Trainer James Leong explains step-by-step how to conduct a Rapid Induction.
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27. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. @srbrand04 English is my second language ,but still… i can fully understand what hes saying ..

  2. @freezer11494 lmao are you serious wowww how did you wake? lol

  3. i like this…but i think it would help to have subtitles lol

  4. @caboomflick She’s not sleeping, she’s merely in a trance, you need to give a hypnotic suggestion. For example, when I count to ten your body will feel very relaxed you will feel completely fine, you will also open your eyes and go completely back to normal. (Then count, snap your fingers if you wish to get the subject to really snap out of it.) And presto! 🙂 Hope this helps with future subjects.

  5. Nice Work!

  6. @freezer11494 Just count him out. “In a moment I will count from 1 up to 5. On the count of 5 you will be alert and fully aware, feeling completely refreshed.” Then count them out.

  7. omg it worked awsome but i have a problem how the heck to i wake her up her mom is gonna kill me if i dont wake her up

  8. omg it worked awsome but i have a problem how the heck to i wake her up

  9. Does this really work?

  10. you must…ok

  11. @0xpanda no acctually, they are just easy to remember, it doesnt matter what you say, or in which pattern you say it, aslong as you say something about how relaxed the subject will feel, and then they will. Confidence is the key, say anything, just be confident as you say it 🙂

  12. ‘rest assured ‘ ‘ relax as you go deeper and deeper’ ‘eyes open wide awake’

    these all seem to be repeated in every good hypnosis vids… do these phrases have any significance? …

  13. lol @coolest50

  14. Nice one James, not seen this version before!

  15. TQ~~~ useful

  16. This is one of the most powerful inductions I have ever used or experienced. Thank you.

  17. on my showda

  18. the person has to be very relaxed and in a trance in their happy place

  19. hahaa thats what i heard too

    but greatt video

  20. can you please teach me how to do rapid induction i tried it and it didnt work

  21. thumbs

  22. this is cool!

  23. u try this

  24. does it really work?!!


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