I have been using several different videos on here for sleep i decided to make a video that captures all the parts that work for me into one video
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01. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. if only you weren’t a racist,cock sucking,dick headed prick…

  2. When I told my girlfriend she should try this she scoffed “that stuff doesn’t work on me. Remember when Rebecca tried to hypnotize us? You went under, I didn’t.”I insisted she try it anyway. ‘whatever” she said. during the countdown I got excited as i watched her breathing get slower and more the end of the video it looked like she was sleeping. when she didn’t react i took off her socks and began to tickle her feet. no reaction. “guess you’re not impervious after all” i whispered

  3. Wow great job, you really got me with this one! Now I’m off to bed 🙂

  4. really great video, up there as one of m y favs on youtube. thanks for this.

  5. I’ve tried multiple vids and this is the only one that work

  6. this was sooo relaxing! i’ve been trying everything and switched to the whisper videos and thought i had become immune to videos for sleep in general but this helped. woke up with my laptop on me still open hahah. anywho thank you very much!!

  7. i thought hypnosis was satanic?Oh well i like this vid anyhow!Good one XD

  8. Honestly, this is a rare jem in the YouTube hypnosis world. It’s a shame this is still your only video to date; you’d probably get A LOT of positive recognition if you continued to do these. I’d also like to mention that music in hypnosis videos is typically a big turn-off for me, but the music you’ve chosen here is very relaxing and appropriate. Great work, even if we never see anything else from you. :]

  9. Oh shit! I have that song on my iPod. The whole album is good. It’s on my sleep playlist

  10. amazing

  11. nice use of the hang drum

  12. lol idk why but the whole time i thought something like a guy in an ape suit was gonna burst through the door o.o but your vid was very relaxing, and im diggin the backround music 😉

  13. Yeah its kinda like that, without the weed though 🙂

  14. Anxiety what is that? jk i work with people on anxiety it can be overwhelming sometimes, but it only overwhelms you because you are thinking improperly.

  15. I will post another video been really busy
    many people have asked about 1 on 1
    i will be starting 1 on 1 phone session soon

  16. Great job!

  17. MAKE MORE you made my insomnia go away

  18. Is all in ur voice, so calm and paused, please make more of this type of video =), Ty !

  19. This guy looks high as shit

  20. Fantastic video man.

  21. @ZAC2994 ha thats funny i was too

  22. great video. i was surprised when you said “make sure u dont clench your jaw.” as i was doing it lol. thanks for the vid looking forward to new vids

  23. Is very easy to be relaxed when you yourself look and sound super-duper chilled out.

  24. hi did you ever do a new one? thanks

  25. Are you reading this off a teleprompter or doing it from memory?

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