How to Find Your Soulmate, by ‘preparing’ your subconscious mind.
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21. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. It can also be done, with respect, with prayer and having a good moral code where there is a possibility of examining our conscience, a self-examination. The Christian faith offers this and is unfortunately today not only much over-looked but also much mis-understood; because it is not in fashion.

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  5. @alkistisTV My thoughts exactly. But I’ve only dabbled in Jung, mainly familiar with him thought Joseph Campbell work. Did Jung interpret the collective unconscious as a pragmatic sum total of human thought or is his interpretation more aligned with a New Age idea of higher mind, a connection to source or something resembling God?

  6. can u explain a bit more?

  7. Shouldn’t one start with one’s most crucial virtue that one would expect from their soulmate?
    If they don’t pass this test, would it be practical to continue?

  8. “Unless you are centred, unless you know who you are, you cannot really relate. All the relationship that goes on without self-knowledge is just an illusion.”
    -Osho, born “Rajneesh” Chandra Mohan Jain

  9. Too bad, then you’ve NEVER experienced a “Twin Flame Soul Mate” which is a very deep love to where when the person leaves, you both are in great pain. As your Subconscious mind tries to fight your feelings with adult authoritative thinking. Your unconscious part of your mind draws the feeling back into a natural state. It almost animalistic really. But it’s not something you can control. You just need to know the definition of SUBCONSCIOUS that’s all! Then you’ll understand Alkistis;D

  10. I will be very sorry to see you go.
    Anyway, perhaps you have not read about Carl Jung’s concept of the Collective Unconscious-I am refering to this.

  11. It’s “SUBCONSCIOUS’, not “unconscious”. Maybe she’s a knockout but I’m having serious doubts about her expertise. Cancelling my subscription. I’d get better life coaching from a tarot card reader.

  12. omg ive done relaxation before and when I pray it almost felt the same asking or using affirmations.

  13. so this relaxation vid. is for person overloaded with sex and love with confusion what to chose?
    …lackey bastard

  14. Your voice is very good in terms of aiding in deep relaxation – it seems to be at a good frequency for guided meditation and relaxation. It is very difficult for me to slow down my brain and not be stressed and anxious – glad I found your channel!

  15. thank you for posting such inspiring advice.

  16. That’s not what she’s saying at all…

  17. I absolutely agree. I have been working for 5 years on myself, emotionally, spiritually, and finacially. I have found great depths and peace within myself through meditation. And I have also been dating within the last 2 years. And I am still looking for a life partner that makes sense for me and my life goals for shared inner growth and health and healing. Thanks beautiful alkistis for your words of wisdom

  18. so basically what your saying is i can make myself believe that i love them by reprogramming my mind to tell myself that i do by accessing my aplha brainwaves? or maybe i should just let my heart decide?

  19. Alkistis. I am well and still doing the sun salutation excercises. your message and presence at this time is so uplifting.

  20. Hi Alkistis! Very useful indeed…..I was wondering how many times should one use the same program in each deep relaxation session, and if one could use more than one deep affirmation in one session-this is truly amazing, and it does work, thank you for this video, please keep them coming!
    ~Your friend from the US~

  21. Wonderful video, Alkistis. The practice of “installing a new program into my hardrive” is what I’m currently attempting in an effort to loose some weight.

  22. Very good as per usual, haven’t got any clones for sale by any chance? 🙂

  23. Thanx Gerry, I hope you are well…

  24. GREAT TO SEE YOU AGAIN ALKISTIS…..And your right on the money about DEEP RELAXATION as the highway directly to the inner mind. I’m starting to meditate in the morning upon awakning & at bedtime. I wonder if maybey you might do an up coming video about SUB-CON. sexual symbolism. I have such powerful erotic urges and I’m curious about where they reside deep in my being…….

  25. Very useful.

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