Stammering or Stuttering Help: The Spicer Method Laura Spicer talks about the Spicer Method to help people stop stammering or stuttering. The Spicer Method, in Laura’s words…. The Spicer Method is a combination of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Physiological exercises. In one session of about an hour and a half you can learn all that you need to know to make a significant difference and then with your commitment to practising, within a couple of weeks you can begin to discover how the improvement starts to feel more natural and takes less effort, with the eventual aim being for you to speak more fluently as second nature. Gain the tools that work During the sessions there may be a variety of tools and techniques used. After we have talked through some of the history there may be some physical exercises and breathing techniques (although some other methods use breathing techniques they are different from the ones used here) to relax muscle tension. There may be some other exercises too – to help with confidence or to change any habitual thoughts that are feeding the stammer. Hypnosis is sometimes useful but it is important to realise that you are going to be involved in the process. The Spicer Method isnt something that happens to you whether you like it or not! It is more like adding a new choice – you will gain the tools to speak fluently and sound normal and interesting and then it will be up to you to use them. Laura is based in London.

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  1. @cmoney1928
    for example i say hello:
    h h he he (i stop talking) and re-say that word “hello”
    so it will be like he hello

  2. @naMixHDTV Can you explain that further? I dont fully understand.

  3. I just get really nervous and self concious when talking to new people or new situations, and then i stutter. i get so embarassed. :'(

  4. sometimes i think “if i stammer ill stop from there and continue the word from where i stammered” and when i think so i dont stammer, try it people!

  5. Type in the search box: ‘Overcoming stuttering/stammering’ It’ll give you a website to where we can overcome and live the life as more than conquerers..

  6. @tereypil i stammer/stutter… It happens mostly when i’m meeting new people(and you meet a lot of people while being 16 yrs). Just be calm , breathe before you speak, think about what you’re about to say and slow down when speaking.

  7. Dont be scared while talking with people that u’l strt stammering…and the best way is don’t think that you stammers n u’l do it again,i knw its not easy but give it a try it will help :)..if anybody needs help contact me…

  8. @guerrilla990 dude same problem. What I do is since my name’s quite different from the usual ones I’ll spell it. If I start stammering while spelling it I’ll say it instead. So far I haven’t stammered on doing both at the same time. Or if your name can be pronounced differently try it.

  9. Guys I’ve created page called Stutter Club in Facebook. I feel Youtube isn’t big enough to share our thoughts so lets discuss it somewhere we can communicate with each other on how to make our lives better. I believe our lives can be improved if we share our problems and methods to overcome this 1 problem we have.

  10. Stop it this doesnt work

  11. Hi, I am a stammerer. Are you a stammerer too? Have you done a speech therapy in the past but you could not overcome your speech problem? Have you every wondered why? One of the most important reason is lack of practise.
    So i decided to practise it with other stammerers. i am looking for people with whom i can practise and ofcourse they can practise their technique with me. If you are interested then we can do it over skype or sth. other. Practise makes man perfect. pls contact me.

  12. Please help me. :'(

  13. @geordie212 : i dont just a 15 year old girl…had this problem…how can i overcome it…doing in natural way…even what medicines do i will take up..

  14. @tereypil smoke a joint before your meeting mate!!!!!!!! actually no dont! 🙂 jst remember your a cool motherfucker and it’l be fine

  15. hey everyone! help me..we have a meeting de avance in our school , im confident but i cant really nervous…i really stutter..huhu:[ help me guys..please…

  16. @JustBeWell well said ….i totally agree with ur words…..

  17. very very useful video indeed… perfectly fitted my own situation……thanx mam !! : )

  18. If i didn`t stutter my life would be different , and i say really different , when my teachers say that i have to read a book out loud to the class , when it´s my turn to read i get really nervous and shaking almost crying. In class i don´t like to talk much or even at all , i don´t have friends without counting with colleagues . I prefer to be alone at home even if im not nervous i stutter i stutter less when im alone . my stutter is from my father family side , it´s his fault

  19. i swear.. if i didn’t stutter, it would change my life. (a BIG change in my life)
    i’m not a severe stutter to be honest
    it’s just that… i can’t ask questions to friends/teachers/family that begin with:
    “Did, Can, or Do”
    Not only these words, but many other words that I can’t seem to spit out.
    for example – can’t say dedicated…

  20. just stop masturbation, it’ll stop stammer or stuttering

  21. wow so you guys can actually cure my stammer for the low low price of £370 (and an extra £180 for follow ups).

    Guess I’ll keep looking…

  22. @StartSpeakingAhora Thanks for responding. I have found that the aspect of self-confidence, self-concept modification and practice are most definitely the keys. Certainly, therapy plays a huge role, especially with children. But, adding these other aspects to the treatment may be THE key.

  23. @StartSpeakingAhora The therapy was strictly speech exercises orientated. The self-confidence boost had to be done by me. I actually realised that this was the main key after I moved to England and HAD to do things I had never believed I could do. Check out my videos, I explain more there. 😉

  24. Kesha could take your advice.

  25. @guerrilla990 damn same problem with me 🙁

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