Stephen Gilligan Interview

Michael Carroll interviews Stephen Gilligan about his relationship with Milton Erickson and the ‘Hero’s Journey’.

27. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. Mike C is a good guy!
    Good work fella – keep it up!

  2. Come on michael wheres your links to web-site and info on your next training course in the uk with Steve Gilligan.

  3. Steve Gilligan is absolutely the most unbelievably gifted and humanistic person I’ve ever met in the field of hypnosis (or NLP etc.) – to quote someone else who has worked with him, “He is the most human being I have ever met.” Check out his web site and some of his writing.

  4. Genial, great. Tanks

  5. Gilligan is a very respectfull person

  6. He has written the BEST book on hypnosis I’ve ever read.. “therapuetic trances”.

  7. GiLLIGAN is the most powerfull hipnoterapeutic in the world

  8. Cool, very interesting

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