Stop Anxiety Fast! Part 4: Talk Therapy vs. NLP for Anxiety Why can talk therapy make anxiety and phobias worse? Part 4 of free video course, How to stop anxiety in 10 minutes w harmful drugs or endless therapy by NLP Master Practitioner Mark Shepard from New Haven, CT 203-495-8808

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  1. @bengtig77 i agree with you, currently going through anxiety,best do is put ur brain to work,click pics of neighbourhood,this happens to mostly people who are out of work,or in the field of media,best is play chess with ffriend divert ur mind,first week it wont work,but than it wil trust me,now wen u do ne work,stop thinking that ur doing it for diverting ur mind do it with a thought that you want to do it and ur perfetly fine,i hope it helps you best of luck,dont be scared v can solve this tc.

  2. Yeah, I’ve been to therapy and I always end up having an anxiety attack. I usually leave feeling worse off and I cry….I really don’t like it. The therapist repeats to me that I HAVE to come back; it’s crucial. Well…I don’t know, I’ve only been a couple of times but I want to quit.

  3. you are so right about it…the moment i start to explain the anxiety attack symptoms to somebody ..i feel the symptoms coming back again…

  4. Im 12 years old, and i know i have anxiety…each day i worry about something that might happen in the really hurts my experience in my everyday life.I havent told anyone yet, its soo hard to keep it in cuz iv been going through it for a month and it completely takes over, i worry in moments, like im fine for half the day, and for say 15 minutes im totally freaking out, then im fine, then im not. This really helped me….its made me think, and learn. THANK YOU! so MUCH. reply? -alex :]

  5. 18 seconds watch closely, notice anything?

  6. @TheFearlessmd thanks for your comments! My point was not that talking isn’t helpful. But for anxiety sufferers, talking about the thing that makes them anxious brings it up in their minds and literally anxiety is thinking about what you don’t want to have happen and your body abreacts as if it really is happening…It’s just not helpful. Thanks again for watching and responding. – Mark Shepard

  7. Im sorry dont mean to come off mean its just it got to me when you said that “what’s even worse, its that your anchoring that anxiety to him or her.. ect” as if your not suppose to tell your problems to a therapist. But other then this, kudos to your videos

  8. Its a therapist job to deal with the persons problem, that is what they get paid for… to listen. You make it seem that they shouldnt be bother by personal issues. Sometimes like fusselita said they help. I do agree that talking about it constantly can make it worse but not talking about it at all, to me, makes it hell because you feel alone and lost. And if someone is not willing and able to deal with other people’s problem then I suggest to pick another field to work in

  9. Is this similar to panic attacks?

  10. OMG.. that’s true =/
    actually, watching this video isn’t making things any better, to be honest. lol.
    let me be COMPLETELY honest: the day i started having anxiety was the DAY i looked up anxiety on the internet.
    thank god it is much better, now, and almost never happens.

  11. This makes so much sense! I always felt like the talk therapy actually enabled my anxiety and depression because I kept going around in circles. Unfortunately, now just the touhgt of therapy makes me anxious.

  12. u wont go mad my friend, hang in there.

  13. Actually I´m in a talk therapy but it really helped me a lot. So I think it depends. And I really changed. I don´t know, maybe it´s different in Germany or in my town or whatever maybe my psychologist is really “special”. Or the anxiety isn´t the same for everybody, maybe there are so many ways of having anxiety. Hm… I like your videos, you are so good!

  14. my mom is making me go to counsiling for anxiety and depresson! :/

  15. I wish you were my psychiatrist!!!

  16. honestly, do sports…go take a boxing class…or something that you enjoy….it will help…avoid smoking cigarettes or caffeinated drinks…if your riligious go to church often if not..meditate…

  17. im 15 and in think im going mad and i hate it roar!

  18. i agree with melo15x. u def need to get into hobbies. distract yourself. you never know how easy it is to forget about it.. whhen you truly occupy your mind with other things.. and actually forget about it.

  19. u need to hang out with friends and do activities to get your mind off of it!

  20. iam 15 i ve got that feeling lately of lighheaded and kinds that everything is not real it happens after school ussually
    and its really disturbing iam really scared that iam going crazy or mentally ill canu plz commnt back and help thank u

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