Stop Binge Drinking Some people engage in binge drinking deliberately. Many, however, find themselves caught in patterns of thinking and behaviour that they would rather change. Some find themselves drinking alcohol to excess after having begun with the intention of just having ‘one or two’, others drink to ease social anxiety, become more confident socially and then find that the situation spirals away, seemingly out of their control. I can help you to stop excessive, or binge drinking using a powerful combination of NLP and hypnotherapy, so please feel free to contact me (Steve Tromans – Harley St, London 07900 240192). In addition, all of my colleagues throughout the UK and Worldwide are experienced in dealing with binge drinking issues.’
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25. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. i have a problem with binge drinking. i won’t drink during the week, but i have social anxiety so it’s really hard to be out with my friends and not drink to excess. i hate that i’m known as the girl who always gets smashed. most of the time i won’t remember anything which scares me. and the hangovers are horrible.

  2. Binge drinking is fun

  3. thanx for this video.. When im Sober im the nicest guy you could meet. But when i get pissed drunk i change into a different person. Like if anyone starts any lil thing i try to make it into something Really Big, like i wanna fight them. Im glad noone ever challenged me or made me tick. Hopefully i can better Control myself now.

  4. wow i never fort of it like that thank you

  5. What an awsome video and awesome advice.Your a stand up guy,keep on helping people,and making them happier.

  6. That is absolutely brilliant advice. Thank you.

  7. You know what’s scary? Addictions that take over your life and you don’t even notice them. Most people recognize excessive drinking, eating etc.. But what if something else is controlling ‘your’ life? You spend all your free time reading, talking on the phone, or listening to music. It’s stopping you from doing other things you may need or want to do. Maybe you enjoy the activity, and it’s not visibly hurting anyone. Yet, you are dependent on this addiction, and without it you couldn’t cope.

  8. steve, i have social anxiety so i drink at night and talk, and all the next day i barely talk and if i do i blush….if i stop drinking, does it help with that anxiety??

  9. @benny2sheds the same for me

  10. I have a problem with binge drinking. Mainly from my shyness and social anxiety! I have an inferiority complex too because i feel i have a low intelect. This vid has given me some ideas, Thanks mate

  11. Oh My GOD I love you!! I want to see you!!! Come to Minnesota – USA. Please!!!!
    I want to learn to do this for binge eating.. so badly.

  12. only you can know that

  13. I drink 2 to 4 drinks everyday. Do I have a problem?

  14. Nice nice. Will try that.

  15. “SippinCoughee” YOu are totally right man.. It totaly conrtol that craving for more and more. This really works, so if you havent tried this method please dont argue against this method.,

  16. “O ye who believe! Intoxicants and gambling, (dedication of) stones, and (divination by) arrows, are an abomination,- of Satan’s handwork: eschew such (abomination), that ye may prosper.”

  17. What an excellent video, well said and very easy to understand. I can see why people go and see him for treatments.

  18. Thanks for watching it all the way through. If people really think about what that they WANT in advance it makes it much easier for them. There are a number of NLP practitioners and NLP trainers and hypnotherapists (and others) who can help people to stop binge drinking and though I have lots of experience helping people with these issues, I am not the only one.

  19. i made my first comment without watching the full vid , but after watching it , he made some good points and gave me some good advice , think about what i want not what i dont want , but what i said first still stands

  20. harley st people are advertising on youtube ,lol the econnomy is worse than i thought ,and there is gonna be more of us drinking to excess, and we certainly wont be paying his extortionate prices to get better cause we wont be able to afford it

  21. I love it, what a nice easy going guy too. Seems there are more of his vids as well.

  22. Interesting. I think it sounds very useful for binge drinkers and urge them to try it.

  23. Good video on this subject which is presented in a jargon free common sense manner

  24. I have found over the years, smoking pot keeps me from drinking heavily. Smoke a pip and you wont want more than 3-4 beers….cheers!

  25. Happy New Year!
    Great demonstration. As a hypnotherapist I always tell people, “Tell me what you want. Not what you don’t want. That’s relevant.” You put it in a nut shell. It’s funny how most people that come to us for help will think how important it is what they don’t want. Keep up the message.
    Best regards ,

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