Stop Blushing: Help With Blushing Stop Blushing. Hypnotherapy and NLP can often provide an effective treatment for blushing without recourse to ETS surgery. The combination of approaches and techniques is designed to reprogram those ‘worried about excessive blushing’ thoughts, and work well to train the mind to get out of the loops of thinking that keep creating blushing problems. In other words, when you stop worrying about blushing in advance, the blushing response diminishes. The combination of training the mind to expect, or imagine, being comfortable in situations, meetings, social events etc, where previously you would have been anxious that you may blush, with a vast range of hypnosis techniques, suggestions and commands can be an effective way to get someone to stop blushing for good. So contact us now to find out more. Excessive blushing can be truly horrible for people. Those suffering from blushing problems tend to be very nervous ahead of time, worrying about blushing at the party, the meeting, the presentation, or simply having coffee with friends. Many people who seek treatment for blushing do so because it is a problem that affects them every day, and some even fear bumping into a friend in the supermarket because they know they will blush if they do. It is this knowing, this anxiety about blushing in advance, that can so effectively be treated with hypnosis and NLP, and when combined with effective hypnotherapy, is often very effective. It is not therapy, it is training
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29. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. I’m a 17 year old guy that blushes ALL the time. It’s really frustrating and is making me more antisocial since I always worry that my face is going to turn beet red. This seriously seems to never happen to other people, particularly guys.

  2. Another good way is when you feel like the blush coming on, don’t be self conscious and make it worse… focus on the person that is talking and the blush will die down before it gets out of hand. The trick is to focus outward, not inward. It might trite or obvious but that’s what it takes.

  3. A book on The Royal Jewels in the left corner, lolol! ^_^ but yes this video is very true.

  4. I cured myself of blushing years ago, it’s actually v simple. You have to learn to accept blushing. You are exaggerating the fear, it really isn’t that bad. You just need to let it run it’s course & ignore it, then concentrate on the conversation now in this instant and act as if you are not blushing, just let it be. It does take practice & you may still blush sometimes, it’s a good chance to practice being ok with it. If you ignore it and act confident, others won’t notice it as much either.

  5. @lianaaaaa DUDE omg same!!! talk about wanting go hide under a rock!!!! T.T

  6. U r faget kas u bluch hahaha

  7. @chrissielovespie try full upper body redness 🙁 it affects my neck, chest, and arms..

  8. Im also a blusher…oh I wish I could stop this, now only it start when im 21 years old..Im 1 year sufferer now, It ruled my life and most of the time it makes me feel sad..

  9. @lovesyuhhhx3
    i can understand you. i hope hypnosis is a good method to stop blushing
    We deserve a better life

  10. I hope hypnosis works, if yes i will do it, why not?
    I want stop to be innatural

  11. omg reading these comments just made me really happy because now i know i’m not the only one!!!! ugh blushing has really gotten to me because it ruined all my self esteem! i used to be so outgoing before i started blushing nd now i’m like super shy nd i tend to avoid socializing as much as i can. as many of you’ve said, i’d be okay with just my cheeks getting red but my whole FACE goes red nd i feel the heat all over my face and people go “HAHAH you’re blushing!” nd i start blushing even more 🙁

  12. @lovesyuhhhx3 dude i kno the feelin my reindz do that 2 itz awful! ah! i hate it so much and then i turn redder cuz im so damn annoyed

  13. omg!!!! ugh i get red somtimez and itz so embarssin cuz everonez like “omg look at her shes hella red!!!” hahaha itz awful and i cant laugh as hard as i want cuz i get all red! like hella red! itz awful and everyone pointz it out! i hate it so much and i wanna be an actress no one iz gpnna hire spmeone who iz all tomato face 4 no reason! i cant help it. and my bff blushes 2 but like nothin conpared 2 me

  14. @Krissy07Missy
    The same thing happened to me
    lol but whatever

  15. I would be perfectly fine if i never blushed again.

  16. theres this kid that i like and everytime i see him i blush! then he writes me on fb and hes like, “blusher”. OMG i just seriously cant controll it. and i know when im blushing,cause i can feel it. and then one time i walked into the wrong class and guess what? HE WAS IN THAT CLASS! and i totally like blacked out. (not really) but i didnt even know what to do. and then after that,(my friends were in that class too) everyone was like,”your face was soo red”! i felt like running home! D:

  17. @toxicwaffles17 @XAnimesisterX gone red after pe

  18. @XAnimesisterX omigosh!!!!! i know!!!! ah i absolutly hate it! I only blush really after pe its like super red!! Also when i get called on unexpectedly, especially in spanish when we have to go infront of the class and present like once a month. ahhhhhhhhh just thoes and sometimes when im infront of alot of people. its kinda weird cause its just certain times or places. im not really shy but i have slowly become shy because of blushing. i just started blushing this last year. my face has always

  19. I really hate my face going all red all the time! i can’t laugh at jokes properly because all i think is “ohno ohno my face is going to go all red”. Talking to the person i like makes my face go red too! Even talking to my friends my face goes red! And its not just red, its VERY RED! I’m so fed up! Espacially when i have Physical Education tests for jogging, my face is full-fledged RED like a tomato. I want to hide my face and avoid eye contact when someone just says “wow..your face is”

  20. people you got any like advice? this problem ruining my life! i see all of my friends, they can do anything and their face stays perfectly the same color, they dont blush at anything. i wish i blushed slightly, but NO. my face turns as red as an apple! its this year that i wanna stop it but dont know how to. i started blushing since like 2nd grade, but it wa slightly, starting from like 5th grade this shit’s gone outa control. i cant take it when my friends just go like “why u so red?’ UGH!

  21. @rafamadrigal12 yahh thats exactly how it was for me but now im just like screw it i dont care if i blush and ever since i kept thinking that i got over it 🙂

  22. @Christy3248 i no like wen a teacher randomly calls on u n ur just like oh shit.fucken hate that.i always seem to get red for some reason

  23. @chrissielovespie for real bro i hate when that #1 thing i hate

  24. I HATE IT SERIOUSLY ITS SO ANNOYING! i cant be myself cuz my face turns so red and its so embarrassing for real! and i hate people that laugh cuz i just get redder if its possible! i try so hard n it worked for a lil bit until recently i just blush for stupid reasons that arent even embarrassing like just talking to someone.uhhh it just pisses me off i dont even want to do anything

  25. IT Made Me Realise That I should Join The Religous Congregation And Get A life u Guys Blushing? I mean Come On

    PS I get it to

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