Stop Nail Biting Hypnosis And NLP To Stop Nail Biting We will help you to stop biting your nails, its that simple. Hypnotherapy and NLP have a host of powerful techniques to help you to eliminate the nail biting habit, even if you have bitten your nails to the quick for decades. Nail biting is straightforward and usually very easy to cure. Hypnotherapy has been proven to be one of the most straightforward and effective ways of getting people to stop simple compulsive behaviour such as Nail and/or Finger Biting. Nail biting is usually a life-long habit but the duration of the problem is irrelevant in terms of resolving it. Associated problems that also respond well to this kind of treatment include finger-picking and nail-tearing. JustBeWell has clinics worldwide so get in touch for help

30. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. @Quallsy15 i do that as well and i really want to stop… sometimes i say ill stop but when i bite my fingers or nails i day dream and forget bout what i said 🙁

  2. @Quallsy15 your not the only one that does that lol

  3. @Quallsy15 Your not the only one. I do it too. But I also bite off layers off of the tops of my nails like sheets. 🙁

  4. I was also biting my nails while watching this video. And also, i bite my nails till they are bleeding and also the skin. It is bad!

  5. I am a cronic nail biter too and seriously don’t know what to do to stop. As a woman, to have unattractive nails is embarrassing. Not to mention, it’s unhealthy and just a disgusting habit.

  6. @laurenwalnut199 oh ok it just sounded as if you were. And quite throwing out derogatory terms at people whom you don’t know.

  7. @TheNewRiflemanBob huh? uh no I was not joking you friggin nut

  8. @laurenwalnut199 do you think this is a joke?!

  9. I’ve been nail biting for years, my teeth are starting to wear down where I grind :S My dentist gets mad at me

  10. @Quallsy15 I do too. 😀

  11. Just buy those plastic nails that comes with nail glue, glue them on your nails until your nails has grown long. If they come off keep gluing them back on. Wear the plastic nails for 2-3 weeks and then your nails will be long. You can buy hand and nail cream to make your nails strong. Trust me it works! Dont have acrylic nails because they are bad for your nails and you end up with ingrown nails!

  12. ok…. but can I bite my toenails?

  13. @Quallsy15 I know exactly what you mean. I rip up my cuticles, I bite my skin, I destroy anything that could be on my nail or around it. :'( Also….I destroyed one of my thumbs so bad this year that it’s now healthy in the back of it, but near the front, it drops down to an uneven level. I just want my thumb to be the same height again. I want my nails to actually look pretty. 🙁 Help us!

  14. @Quallsy15 omg me too i really wanna stop

  15. @CantWeedThis I do that, It’s been so bad for me i bit off my whole nail! It’s recovering fast though

  16. @Quallsy15
    so do i buddy, its a fun game, one of my hobbies. Now for the million dollar question… who peels the layers of the nail back layer by layer….youve really gotta work at it at the edge. If you can do this you are truely a pro nail biter, or one anxious mo fo like me.

  17. ive been biting my nails since i was born and i also never get sick. I think subjecting my mouth to germs constantly all my life helped to build a kickass immune system. Can anyone relate?

  18. @Quallsy15 -barfs-

  19. K I no this is gross: not only do I bite my nails, but I bite the skin all around my nails too..

  20. One tip i suggest to stop the biting is to put on nail polish remover. What this will do is it will make the nails taste bad so you won’t want to bite. The nail polish will last about 3 days(showering regularly) and you will need to re-reply every 3 days.

  21. i bite my nails all d time and am biting now while watching the video

  22. im now 31 And ive been Biting my nails since i was 3…

  23. @superspine113 If you are female put ‘tips’ on them they will help stop the habit. You can get them at nail salons.

  24. yea i need way more advice on this too i been bitting my nails since i was 5 or 6 and im 16 and kant stopp im kinda thinking i have a problem i had tried everrythinq and its impossible for me

  25. @JakeTheRocker1 hahah so was i

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