Stop Obsessive Thoughts And Obsessive Thinking Sometimes the human mind gets stuck thinking about a particular issue and has what are called obsessive thoughts. Obsessive thinking can be a bit like a stuck record in the mind, or like watching a TV program that you cant stand but you watch it anyway because you do not know how not to watch it. Hypnosis and NLP techniques are brilliant at getting someone to stop obsessive thoughts and take more control of their mind and emotions. Because we dont focus on why you have obsessive thoughts (who cares?) and we deal directly with the patterns of thinking themselves, the treatments are usually fast and effective. So it is not counselling or therapy, it is an effective proven combination of approaches that acts to re-educate, retrain and recondition your mind to give you more control, to think more of the thoughts you want, and less of those you dont want. There are many categories of obsessive thinking, ranging from sexual thoughts, not being able to get over a memory, thinking at work ALL the time, thinking endlessly about relationships that are over, spending all day long day-dreaming about a particular hobby or interest. So do get in touch with a member of the JustBeWell team. We have clinics worldwide and will be pleased to help you.
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  1. its just anxiety and you need to train your self out of it.something happened that shocked you, so now your brain is on going looking for the same problem hoping to stop it fear just my opnion

  2. ok, a good person knowing and understanding what some might have like obssesions,wouldnt lure people to have to pay wheres the help

  3. Korn – ‘Let the Guilt Go” – is this song about obsessive thinking? Because it fucken should be!

  4. @JustBeWell Hello, I’ve been hypnotized. I really thought that it would help. The hypnotist told me that he guaranteed sucess and that my obsessive thinking/worrying would stop. After the first session he told me that it would take maybe a week or two to work. After 4 sessios and $500 later, I feel exactly the same. It actually makes me more depressed and a little less hopeful. Therefore I don’t believe in this type of therapy.

  5. No way out man Russian women ** **

  6. please. Help. Is this OCD? do i have a disorder? Or is this a natural result of worry on the mind?
    I can’t stop thinking.

  7. @freeusa18434 WOW, im so glad to hear that connection, Ive been on seroquel for about maybe 7 years because i was diagnosed with schizo-effective disorder (which im not sure was the 100% accurate diagnosis after years of research) and i started experiencing Obsessive thinking about 8 months ago for a while i almost went insane, but having experience with mental illness, i knew it wasn’t real and found out it was obsessive thoughts. NOT one website made the connection to long-term neuroleptic use

  8. I go through this everday!!! I can’t stop my mind from thinking about sickness or there’s something wrong with me.I just started to take APO fluvoxamine at 50 mg.I take one a day so far as my doctor told me too, it’s been almost a week, when will I see result’s? or do I need to take more?

  9. I was diagnosed with touretts syndrome and ADHD and asburges syndrome and i have depression and obsessive thoughts

  10. i just need help.

  11. I was actually diagnosed with obsessive thinking. My therapist wants to put me on SSRI’s because it takes me a long time to get to sleep because of it.

  12. Ive been suffering from these thoughts for months on month on months thankgod I fianlly found out the soulution to it!

  13. FUCK! THIS IS WHAT I NEED. thanks to this videos. coz im suffering from it.

  14. I think a lot of this OCD is really a fear of growing up (and worse) plus age related depression.

  15. Personally, I think that there are too many of these images on TV and the movies. and many of them not XXX rated but R-rated meaning that 10-14 year olds can find a way to slip in and see it.

  16. Europe, especially these post ww2 eastern block countries are very very very very very liberal when it comes to advertising their sexual prowess, they go in all directions. people can get obsessed with this, since it’s a big deal in adolescence, but doesn’t mean a damn thing afterwards. And they lie to kids, because these years DO pass by.

  17. sex and sexual orientation I believe has more to do with past and present experiences. you can get yourself into trouble whether or not it’s gay or straight.

  18. Thanks for your comment. Obsessive thoughts may well a side effect of antispychotic drugs though I don’t think anyone I have seen to help them to stop obsessive thinking had been on neuroleptic medication. What we do is more based on NLP principles (have a look at some Richard Bandler vids for more info). Hypnosis (or what people would normally think of as ‘hypnosis’) as a method of helping people change patterns is just one approach that may help. What works for the individual is what counts.

  19. Obsessive thoughts can be on many different topics, sexual orientation just being one. Obsessive thoughts, I think, may be linked to long-term neuroleptic medication use. While self-hypnosis may be of some help, I find Luvox CR most effective in ridding obsessive thinking. If his program doesn’t prove effective, ask your doctor about prescribing this for you. After 19 years of obsessive thinking, Luvox CR is the only thing that worked well for me.

  20. Agree wholeheartedly about your past/present point. I would like to emphasize that we don’t deal with content, we deal with structure, helping clients to stop going round and round in their minds about whatever it is they are obsessing about. Obsessive thinking can be like watching a TV program you don’t like but end up watching anyway, because you dont know how NOT to. NLP deals with the pattern. We endeavour to give people their own ‘remote control’ so they can watch what they want to watch.

  21. Most of these things I believe involve not keeping one’s head focused in the present, dwelling too much about the past and worrying about the future. When your body first gets testosterone if your surrounded by guys you’re going to be gay. If you’re surrounded by girls you’re going to be straight. And this obsessive thinking is probably a misperception, thinking that you have the right answers when you really don’t

  22. I agree with you. Obsessive thinking, in the cients that we help, is not usually about sex or sexuality, but it sometimes is.

  23. I don’t seriously think that it matters whether you’re gay or straight, unless you are seriously contemplating marriage, having kids, or going on the club scene where you will be outnumbered if you’re not 100% sure of who you are and what you are. Sexual orientation and OCD are two different things.

  24. It took me a long time to discover to triggers for obsessional thinking OCD, but I came to this conclusion while vaccuming. Some people love to live in a world of the past, and the elements around you pull you into a world of the present, whether you like it or not.

  25. No I didnt say that and I dont mean that. I am talking out obsessive thinking and how it is possible to stop obsessive thoughts, whatever they are. Gay or straight, sometimes people get stuck in obsessively thinking about sex, or an aspect of sex, and they want to stop doing so. Obsessive thinking is not just about sex though, it can be about anything. NLP tends to work with the strcuture of the way someone thinks, to give them more choice about the way their mind works.

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