Street Hypnosis Techniques (Hypnotized Bodybuilder in California)

For more information about rapid inductions and hypnosis classes… Join my (free)Newsletter here: Visit my website here This is a rapid induction demonstration using street hypnosis techniques, which I teach in New York, New Jersey and through out the US. In this video I hypnotized a bodybuilder while visiting a gym in California. I had hypnotized one of the gyms front desk attendants the day before (after I had finished my workout). When I returned to the gym the next day, I found that many people had been talking about my impromptu hypnotism demonstration. The instant I entered the gym, several people approached me to ask me about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. As I discussed hypnotism and the induction methods of various hypnotists such as Erickson and Elman, I noticed a bodybuilder standing just a few feet away. He was straining to listen to our conversation. Based on his obvious interest, I immediately offered him the opportunity to be hypnotized, which he accepted eagerly. So, I got my camera out of my gym bag, and asked one of the bystanders to film my interaction with Joe, the bodybuilder, who I hypnotized by rapid induction, in front of several of the people who had been asking me questions about hypnosis techniques and how to learn hypnosis (you see them at the end of the video standing nearby, clapping). Near the end of my impromptu hypnosis demonstration, I gave Joe a few helpful hypnotic suggestions about sports performance
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10. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. awesomee

  2. @countsmyth That and if you’re experienced enough and know enough, you should be able to fill in the blanks at least slightly of the things he could possibly be saying.

  3. haha omitting the secrets…. is your name Summer because youre hot. epic shirt

  4. Why was some part of the video muted. I wanted to hear the whole video what you were saying.

  5. @chrisv23c Yes, there are many books available at both neighborhood and university libraries. Go speak with your librarian he or she will help you find appropriate books.

  6. @KC2XL
    is there anyway to learn how to hypnotize someone for free?

  7. @stacks6969allday I’m not gonna bother explaining, research it yourself, and by the way, when they are “sleeping” it isn’t actually a sleep, like when you’re in a bed, it’s just a deep physical state of relaxation. he is still aware of everything around him.

  8. @MrEeqqee alright then enlighten me if u know so much about it. i bet u anything this is fake noone can just make someone sleep by saying sleep flash back to reality dude no really enlighten me fool!!!!

  9. @stacks6969allday Excuse me, but this IS real, stop commenting on hypnosis vids saying it’s fake, this is 100% real, i have seen and used similar techniques, obviously you don’t know anything about Hypnosis, and you don’t know WHY somebody falls into deep trance when someone says “sleep”. you don’t know anything, shut the hell up, fool!

  10. The guy getting hypnotized is hot!

  11. @countsmyth Some of the dialogue I omit is my personal approach to certain parts of the hypnotic process. Those techniques I teach only to the people I mentor or to hypnotists who take my advance classes.

  12. Master hypnotist, but it’s pointless putting this video up and omitting dialogue!

  13. Hello KC, have seen this video before but still very interesting. Wish I could find a friend to put me under. Just curious, why did you feel it necessary to mute the sound in places? Martin..

  14. Hello KC, have seen this video before but still very interesting. Wish I could find a friend to put me under. Just curious, why did you feel it necessary to mute the sound in places?

  15. @KC2XL Hi KC, that makes perfect sense to me, thanks for taking the time to reply.

  16. @KC2XL …This type of rapid mental focus/absorption due to a pattern break (i.e., expecting to find your car, but realizing it’s not where you thought it’d be) can be created using techniques besides simply tugging an arm, or breaking a handshake pattern (basic physical shock methods). Shock/confusion/surprise techniques that are primarily mental (as opposed to physical) provide several moments in which the hypnotist can produce and secure deep hypnosis without barking “sleep” immediately.

  17. @KC2XL postpone formally securing the state with the suggestion of “sleep” a while longer. Many people are aware of predominately phsyical pattern interrupts and have not studied mental (thought pattern) pattern interrupts. For example, have you ever come out of a store and found that your car was not where you left it? Normally, a person will experience intense focus as they rapidly consider whether the car was stolen, towed or merely in a different parking space–a flood of thoughts…

  18. @HypnoJunkie86 There’s absolutely nothing wrong with sincere debate when both people are more interested in learning than appearing to have the correct answer(s). Shock/confusion/surprise can occur (be invoked) in different ways. If you are using basic shock techniques, then it behooves the hypnotist to secure the hypnotic state quickly (saying sleep immediately). However, for more elaborate pattern interrupts, the state of shock can last for several moments during which the hypnotist can…

  19. @KC2XL PS, I’m only disagreeing with you because that’s what I’ve experienced, but I’m always interested and very open in learning new techniques to further my own skills. Keep uploading 🙂

  20. @KC2XL Hi KC
    1. I agree with you that a lot of people don’t go into somnambulism after an instant induction, and require deepening.

    2. I agree, relaxation in itself has absolutely nothing to do with hypnosis. Perfect example would be when someone is having a strong ab-reaction and jumping around everywhere yet are still in a deep state of trance.

    3. I’d have to disagree with you there KC, after the shock is caused to the person, the *SLEEP* command has to be said instantly.

    Take Care

  21. nvm, I just read the description

  22. what do you mean with “Deep-state patter omitted”?

    BTW I love what your doing, it makes me want to learn hypnosis myself

  23. @TheDynastQueen Thank you! I learned from a combination of studying on my own and studying with teachers. The most I learned was by reading and practicing hypnosis on my own.

  24. You and the bodybuilder are very hot and this was interesting. Did you learn this on your own from reading and practice or were you taught?

  25. I love hypnosis–really relaxing and effective for resolving problems. Thanks for posting this!

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